Benefits claimants blasted for 'sitting on their arse' by entrepreneur as millions risk giving up work for good: 'Makes my blood boil!'

Benefits claimants blasted for 'sitting on their arse' by entrepreneur as millions risk giving up work for good: 'Makes my blood boil!'

WATCH NOW: Benefits Britain slammed for 'sitting on their arse'

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 12/04/2024

- 08:47

Two million more people will be claiming disability benefits by the end of the decade, new data has revealed

Entrepreneur Mike Greene has hit out at 'Benefits Britain' as new figures have revealed that millions of people are at risk of not returning to work.

According to latest research, two million more people will be claiming disability and out-of-work benefits by the end of the decade.

Appearing on GB News, founder of the Association of Retail Newsagents and former Brexit Party by-election candidate Mike Greene called for a rise in the minimum wage and a cut in benefits payments.

In a debate with reality TV star Jemma Lucy, Greene argued that Britons are "choosing not to go to work" and warned that the gap between the minimum wage and the take home pay from benefits is too small.

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Mike Greene hit out at those 'sitting on their arse' with benefits and not working

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Greene fumed: "They're taking the benefit of such an easy lacklustre lazy system that makes it easy for them to stay at home.

"The gap between benefits and the lower income earners is too small. We are not paying a liveable wage to the people at the bottom end of income."

Lucy was in agreement with Greene, claiming the rate of minimum wage is "awful", and people "aren't living a good life on benefits either".

Lucy explained: "When they are on benefits, it's not like they're living the high life and thinking, this is great, let me just stay on benefits for the rest of my life."

Universal Credit

Nearly four million people are on out-of-work benefits, it has been revealed


Patrick then asked if that was a "good enough excuse" and should people "have a bit more personal pride to go out and go to work".


Greene agreed, but called on the government to increase minimum wage and cut the amount of benefits available to those "sitting at home". He told GB News: "You've got people who put in a 40 hour week and they're still sofa surfing, they cannot afford to live. It cannot be right that they're only marginally above people on benefits.

"We should be paying more to those that are willing to work, and paying even less to those that want to sit at home and do nothing."

Lucy then highlighted the impact of the covid pandemic, and said there's been a "domino effect" on people not returning to work since the lockdowns, and the energy in Britain towards work is "depressing and negative".

Greene responded: "It makes my blood boil. The average single person self-employed business is earning less than someone on benefits. They are working really hard, and the government attacks on them.

Mike Greene

Mike Greene called for an increase in minimum wage and a decrease in benefits

GB News

"They might be turning over more, but by the time they've paid basic costs, they're earning less than that person who's, excuse my bluntness, but sitting on their arse. It is about time we made it tougher for these people who don't want to do it."

"They are struggling to get people to work. Why? It's too easy for them to be at home. They might not enjoy that job, but if not, learn some more things. Get better, do a better job, get off your butt and don't expect the government to look after you."

In a statement, a DWP spokesman said: "While inactivity is still lower than in 2010, we are taking the long-term decisions to help everyone who can work to do so, improving lives and growing the economy.

"Our welfare reforms will cut the number of people due to be placed in the highest tier of incapacity benefits by over 370,000 – people who will now receive personalised support back to work."

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