'Police are too soft!' Anti-knife campaigner says black community 'knows how to get around laws - need harsh punishment!'

'Police are too soft!' Anti-knife campaigner says black community 'knows how to get around laws - need harsh punishment!'

WATCH NOW: Anti-knife campaigner calls for 'harsher punishments' for black community

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 28/03/2024

- 19:24

Two stabbings have occurred in London in relation to train travel in the last 24 hours

An anti-knife campaigner has called for "stricter sentences" for knife crime in the UK after three people were stabbed in the space of 24 hours in two separate unconnected attacks.

A 19-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a stabbing on board a train near Beckenham Junction station, and another man in his 30s has been arrested on suspicion of two counts of attempted murder, following a serious assault at Kennington underground station.

Anti-knife campaigner Matt Ajayi told GB News that the rise in knife crime is a result of "no discipline and no regard for the law".

Highlighting another recent stabbing involving school girl Elianne Andam, Ajayi said he was "ranting so much" about the case, as she was "a young girl going to secondary school, and got a knife inserted in her neck."

Matt Ajayi and stock image of knife

An anti-knife campaigner says the police are 'too soft' in dealing with knife crime

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In a discussion with host Martin Daubney, Ajayi told GB News that the main factor when it comes to knife crime is the "black community".

Ajayi explained: "A woman said to me that we don't have enough role models in the black community. What role model do you need? We need discipline."

Ajayi called for "stricter sentences" for knife crime and added that those committing the crimes are "getting away with too much". He admitted that it is a factor "that mainly is terrorising the black community".

Martin told Ajayi that his stance on knife crime is "fascinating", noting that "often if we levelled such accusations, we're accused of racism".

Beckenham Junction station

A passenger was stabbed on a train travelling towards Beckenham Junction station on Wednesday

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Martin highlighted: "To them, stop and search is racism. But I'm afraid the facts speak for themselves. You are disproportionately much more likely to die or to murder somebody else if they're a young black man in Britain, and particularly in London and the West Midlands."


When asked by Martin what the police can do in Britain to further tackle knife crime, Ajayi claimed: "I feel like the police are way too soft. Black people are very intelligent. We know where we can get away with these crimes and where we can't get away with these crimes.

"I'm someone who lived in Nigeria for many years. The discipline was so strict that people never thought about this kind of behaviour. But when we come here, we understand the law. We understand there's a discounted sentence. You probably just serve half."

Ajayi made clear he is an "advocate for stronger sentences", and highlighted that the community often see criminals "as heroes" when they are released from prison.

He fumed: "We're fed up of the woke stuff. Kids are dying. We need to stamp our foot down, and we need to really start cracking down on these guys. I want really harsh punishment, really harsh."

Matt Ajayi

Matt Ajayi has said the black community are 'know how to get around the laws'

GB News

When questioned on what "harsh" punishment Ajayi would like to see, he revealed he would like to see "mandatory sentences for anybody carrying machetes or zombie knives".

He explained: "Once you make an example of a few, it will deter the rest. You just need to have a deterrence put in place. Once you just show the first 500, 1,000 people, that you're not joking around, it will deter the rest from carrying out or potential perpetrators from carrying out such attacks.

"We need way more harsh punishment - it is way too lenient in the UK and we need to put our foot down. People are scared to go on the trains."

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