Amir Khan says family staying in Bolton as he fumes at 'disgraceful' London Mayor Sadiq Khan for 'making city unliveable'

Amir Khan says family staying in Bolton as he fumes at 'disgraceful' London Mayor Sadiq Khan for 'making city unliveable'
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Aden-Jay Wood

By Aden-Jay Wood

Published: 21/04/2022

- 14:21

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 11:39

The former boxing world champion was robbed at gunpoint in east London earlier this week

Amir Khan has hit out at London Mayor Sadiq Khan after saying “London is not a place I want to live in anymore”.

Khan’s comments come just days after he was held at gunpoint and had his watch stolen during a robbery in east London.

And now the former world champion boxer has slammed the living conditions in the capital, while also taking a poke at the London Mayor’s running of the city.

He said: “My plan was to move to London later this year with Faryal and the kids but after what happened there’s no chance that we’ll be doing that.

“London is not a place I want to live in anymore. Our plan to move there is not happening. We’re going to stick with living in our home in Bolton and spending time in Dubai.

Amir Khan during a press conference at the Exchange Hall, Manchester. Picture date: Thursday February 17, 2022.
Amir Khan
Nick Potts

File photo dated 25/10/21 of Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who has said he is pro-police but that the current Met Police leadership does not have a plan to address %22deep cultural issues%22.
The former boxing world champion has slammed Sadiq Khan
Victoria Jones

“I’m not sure if I even want to return to London for the foreseeable future because of increasing crime, terrible traffic and it’s not safe. This is no place for me and my family."

He continued: “Mayor Khan needs to pull his finger out and tackle the increasing levels of gun and knife crime. He’s making the city unliveable. You can’t drive anywhere, traffic is horrendous and there’s no quality of life.

“It’s disgusting what is happening in London and what happened to me. Sadiq Khan is doing a terrible job and this huge increase in gun and knife crime is happening under his watch. It's absolutely disgraceful.

“You don’t expect to be robbed at gunpoint, not in London. It breaks my heart to see what is happening in the city."

Khan, who recently lost a grudge boxing match to longstanding rival Kell Brook, told MailOnline: “People have been contacting me from all over the world to tell me that they don’t feel safe visiting London anymore.

"Mayor Khan and the authorities really need to do something about this."

Khan revealed the news that he had been a victim of robbery in Leyton, east London, on Tuesday via Twitter.

Khan said: “Just had my watch taken off me at gunpoint in east London, Leyton.

“I crossed the road with Faryal, luckily she was a few steps behind me.

“Two men ran to me, he asked for my watch whilst having a gun pointed in my face.

“The main thing is we’re both safe.”

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