Robert Jenrick blasts 'absurd' UK asylum claims as Abdul Ezedi remains on the run

Robert Jenrick blasts 'absurd' UK asylum claims as Abdul Ezedi remains on the run

WATCH NOW: Robert Jenrick calls for a crackdown on migrant policy in the UK

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 02/02/2024

- 22:55

The 31-year-old victim remains in hospital with life-changing injuries following the attack on Wednesday

Former Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick has urged the government to crack down on their Rwanda migrant policy, as a suspected attacker remains on the run.

Abdul Shakoor Ezedi is on the run after throwing a corrosive alkaline substance at a mother and her two children in Clapham on Wednesday.

The 35-year-old, who was granted asylum in Britain on his third application attempt, was last seen at King's Cross Underground Station at 9pm on Wednesday evening.

It is understood that Ezedi arrived in the UK in a lorry in 2016, and was convicted of a sexual offence at Newcastle Crown Court in 2018, prior to being granted asylum.

Abdul Ezedi / Robert Jenrick

Robert Jenrick says the UK needs to crack down on 'absurd' asylum claims

Metropolitan Police / GB News

Sharing an update on Ezedi on Friday, Metropolitan Police Commander Jon Savell told reporters outside Scotland Yard that "significant pieces of evidence" were found in searches carried out in London and Newcastle on Thursday night.

Savell made a direct appeal to the suspect, pleading: "Abdul, you clearly have got some very significant injuries.

"We’ve seen the images. You need some medical help, so do the right thing and hand yourself in."

Responding to the manhunt for the alleged attacker, former Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick said the incident highlights "just how important" it is for Rishi Sunak and the British government to have secure migrant legislation in place.

Jenrick told GB News host Patrick Christys: "The problem with the present situation and indeed the weak version of Rwanda the government is pursuing, is that people are able to make these spurious claims and drag out their removal for many years.

"Of course I hope that this individual, if they are responsible for this terrible crime, is convicted, serves time in jail and then is removed. But their home country, we're told, is Afghanistan. And so that will be difficult, although there are some countries that are removing people back to Afghanistan or at least exploring it."

Jenrick stated that "many people" will agree that those who commit serious crimes like this "deserve to be sent back home".

He added: "If he's found guilty of this very serious crime, he will spend time in prison and off our streets, and then there will be a process to try to remove him."

Robert Jenrick

Robert Jenrick says it would be 'difficult' to remove Abdul Ezedi back to Afghanistan

GB News

Jenrick urged the government to "take a lesson" from incidents such as the Clapham attack and crack down on "absurd" asylum claims, following reports that Ezedi's third application was accepted on the grounds that he had "converted to Christianity".

Jenrick stated: "We mustn't allow people like him to break into our country and able to live here for years whilst pursuing endless claims. This is the definition of a merry go round of spurious claims and counterclaims.

"This is exactly what Suella Braverman and I set out to stop. This is what the Rwanda policy is supposed to do. Unfortunately, the government has chosen the weaker version of that policy where individuals can make claims."

He continued: "We can't allow individuals to be frustrating our system with absurd claims such as somebody has converted to Christianity, which probably isn't correct and by doing so prevents their removal.

"We've got to get to a simple system where people come here illegally, are detained and swiftly removed. That's what I've always advocated for."

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