Retired nurse, 62, shares struggle to get job interviews despite submitting 65 applications

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A retired nurse who was made redundant last year has shared her struggle to get a job after applying for 65 roles

Jessica Sheldon

By Jessica Sheldon

Published: 09/04/2024

- 09:39

Updated: 09/04/2024

- 09:40

A retired nurse who was made redundant last year has shared her struggle to find a job after a "life-altering" injury

A former nurse who suffered a "life-altering" injury has shared her struggle to find a job.

The 62-year-old GB News reader explained she had submitted 65 job applications but hadn't been offered an interview for any of the roles.

Jenny, whose name has been changed, contacted our money team to find out where she may be able to turn.

She said: “You are my last resort.

“Despite being totally honest and transparent with HMRC and DWP, I am yet to receive any help after suffering a life-altering injury after tripping on an uneven paving stone in my local high street.

“I have not been able to obtain a permanent full-time or part-time job since being made redundant in May 2023.”

The retired nurse said she has been told she hasn’t paid sufficient National Insurance contributions for the year 2021/22 to be eligible for Employment Support Allowance.

“I have paid a total of 44 years of full National Insurance contributions when you only need to pay 35 years to receive a full state pension.

“My only income is from my NHS pension which is £526.60 per month and my mortgage is £468.80 per month. I live in a semi-rural area and rely on heating oil for hot water and heating my home.

“At the age of 62, I see no prospect of being able to gain employment as despite applying for 65 jobs, I do not even get an interview.

"I only get a generic response back saying that the recruiter has moved to the next stage of the recruitment process and on this occasion I have not been selected.

“I am not due to be eligible for my state pension until 2027."

Jenny explained she applied for PIP but was awaiting a decision.

She added: “As I have not been eligible for Employment Support Allowance, I have also not been given financial help with the cost of living crisis.

“I would welcome any assistance you are able to offer.”

GB News contacted a benefits expert at Turn2us, who suggested Jenny takes two “immediate” steps.

First, they suggested she use a benefits calculator such as the tool hosted by Turn2us to assess potential entitlements.

Additionally, the benefits expert urged Jenny to contact Citizens Advice for detailed, one-on-one benefits advice and guidance.

They said: “We understand the complexities and challenges faced by individuals navigating the benefits system, particularly in situations as distressing as the one described.

“While Turn2us primarily provides information and resources to help people find the benefits they’re entitled to, this sounds more complex and requires a tailored approach.”

The benefits expert said given the detailed nature of the situation Jenny is facing, they “highly recommend” contacting Citizens Advice for one-on-one benefits advice.


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Turn2Us suggested Jenny use an online Benefits Calculator and contact Citizens Advice for one to one support


She added: “Their expertise in dealing with the benefits system, including cases involving Personal Independence Payment (PIP) applications and Employment Support Allowance (ESA) eligibility, makes them exceptionally well-placed to provide the necessary guidance and support.

“In addition, performing a benefits calculation can be a helpful first step to understanding what financial support might be available.

"Our Benefits Calculator is designed to help individuals assess their entitlement to benefits, including Universal Credit and Council Tax Support, among others.

"This tool can provide an overview of potential support based on the user’s specific circumstances.“It's clear from your viewer's email that they are in a challenging situation, having navigated a series of unfortunate events with significant impact on their financial stability.

"While we understand the urgency and severity of their circumstances, the specifics of their case, including their PIP appeal and questions about ESA eligibility, require the detailed examination that Citizens Advice is equipped to offer.”

Citizens Advice also suggested Jenny should contact her local Citizens Advice for support.

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