Tories are splitting Reform vote and should STAND DOWN, Ben Habib argues

The Reform UK Party's Ben Habib is arguing that "in the national interest, the Tories should step down".

The Reform UK Party's Ben Habib is arguing that "in the national interest, the Tories should step down".

Michael  Heaver

By Michael Heaver

Published: 11/01/2024

- 15:07

Reform UK Deputy Leader Ben Habib has declared that Tory Party should stand down candidates against his party

In a devastating assessment of Rishi Sunak's Conservatives, Reform Deputy Leader Ben Habib has blasted the Government's record - and called for the Conservatives to stand down against his party.

Speaking exclusively to GB News today, Ben Habib claimed: “The sum total of the Tories argument in favour of voting for them is: 'we know we are bad but Labour is even worse'.

"They have been returned to office on this theme time and time again.

"The result? A broken country at every level. No growth, record debt, record taxation, record immigration, poor wages, high costs, and our social fabric being ripped apart. This record is symptomatic of the end of a Labour Government."

Habib, who is standing as the Reform candidate in the Wellingborough by-election, also went on to claim that: "The fact is, if you vote Tory, you anyway get Labour policies.

"Yet they have the temerity to tell people not to vote for Reform UK because it would split the Conservative vote.

"There is nothing to split. The Tories are NOT conservative.

"In fact, the Tories masquerading as conservative are splitting Reform UK’s vote. They should step down against us.

"This is especially true of the red wall where the Tories haven’t a hope of winning or retaining seats.

"In the national interest, the Tories should step down."

Habib's comments come after Conservative Party Deputy Chairman Lee Anderson recently slammed Reform, telling GB News: “I think UKIP were actually winning by-elections. Reform aren’t winning by-elections, they’re even struggling to scrape their deposit.

“Reform are a threat. They’re a bigger threat to country than the Labour Party I think.

“If Reform do pick off a lot of us Conservative MPs, we’re going to end up with a Labour government, that’s the last thing I want."

Referring to a potential return to the political fray by Nigel Farage, Anderson told GB News: “Nigel runs the risk of losing a lot of Tory seats to put some Remoaners back in power, that’s a backdoor entrance back into the EU.”

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