GB News viewers react to Keir Starmer's 'son of a toolmaker' speech: 'Not AGAIN!'

Keir Starmer says his father was a toolmaker in speech ahead of General Election

Keir Starmer spoke about his parents' jobs during his speech today

GB News Reporter

By GB News Reporter

Published: 23/05/2024

- 11:53

Updated: 23/05/2024

- 12:46

Keir Starmer delivered a speech in Kent today the day after Rishi Sunak set the date of the General Election

GB News viewers have been sharing their reaction to Keir Starmer's speech in Kent today.

Some poked fun as they watched the Labour Party leader remind viewers of his parents' jobs, claiming they had heard him say it many times before.

During his speech, Starmer recalled his childhood, stating: "When I was growing up. My dad was a toolmaker and worked in a factory, and my mum was a nurse.

"And they struggled. They struggled financially and they struggled particularly with my mum's health. And sometimes we couldn't pay the bills.

"But they had a comfort, a belief, a confidence that the country would be better for their children, that things would be better for the next generation and that kept them going. It comforted them as it did so many other people.

"But can we still say that we have that confidence in the future of our country after 14 years of this chaos and decline? I don't think so."

One YourSay user penned: "I really didn't know Keir Starmer's dad produced tools.

"I think he only mentions it every day."

Another wrote: "Does Starmer have any other records in the flaming jukebox?! 'My father was a toolmaker, my mother was a nurse."

A third asked: "Has he mentioned he was in charge of prosecutions yet?"

Another penned: "Starmer spouting off about his working class roots. 95 per cent of the UK population can claim that. But not everyone is a multi-millionaire."

A fifth commented: "Not about his Dad again. Blimey, everyone knows he was a toolmaker."

"Not the 'my father was a toolmaker'. working class my a**e," penned another.

Members of the public have also poked fun at Conservative MP Rishi Sunak for repeatedly pointing out his parents worked in the NHS.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was asked about his commitment to cutting NHS waiting lists, which now stand at 7.54 million - up from 7.21 million in January last year.

He told LBC's Nick Ferrari: "We haven't made as much progress on NHS waiting lists as I would have liked.

"This matters to me personally because I come from an NHS family, as we discussed, my mum was a pharmacist and my dad was a GP."


Prime Minister Rishi Sunak takes part in a Q&A in Derbyshire today

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak took part in a Q&A in Derbyshire today


Writing on social media today, one person penned: "My mum was a pharmacist, my dad a gp….” over and over on the party leadership campaign trail and now we’ve got sox more weeks of it.

"Pls take note, Mr Sunak, these inane sound bites annoy people and simply drive them to switch off."

Another wrote: "How many times during this campaign are we going to hear my mum was a nurse, my dad was a pharmacist. I'm bored already."

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