Woman, 60, lost an astounding 3st and transformed her life with 12 week diet plan

Woman before after weight loss

She changed her diet plan to slim down

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 23/10/2023

- 07:00

A 60-year-old woman lost an inspiring 3st with the help of a simple diet plan

Lucy Nield, from Hampshire, decided to transform her life after holiday photos left her shocked by her weight gain.

She had struggled with her weight for many years, often trying and failing fad diets.

Lucy used the help of Dr Michael Mosley's The Fast 800 diet plan and slimmed from 13st 12lb to just under 11 stone.

Her husband also joined her in following the plan. She said: "Last summer, I seemed to be putting on weight quicker than normal.

"I was still exercising gently, but it was limited because I had problems with my hip.

"The injury definitely impacted my mood, as well as my mobility.

Woman before after weight loss

Lucy started with a 12 week fasting plan


"To counteract that low mood, I found I ate and drank a little more than normal and without the exercise, I began to put on weight.

"Last summer, my husband and I went away and had a wonderful time, but when I got back, I looked at some of the photographs and I thought, oh my goodness, I've really put on weight.

"That’s when I decided I needed to take action and look at a programme that was going to work long-term."

Lucy started by picking up The Fast 800 book before signing up for the online programme.

The Fast 800 plan is a 12 week plan focusing on intermittent fasting for weight loss.

This can be done by eating within a certain time window each day, and fasting for the remaining hour, or by limiting calorie intake on some days of the week and eating normally on others.

Lucy found the plan easy to stick to and combined it with the exercises she was already doing, such as pilates and low-intensity workouts.

She continued: "I found it really easy, mainly because there's a lot of guidance and the recipes are very straightforward – we really liked the food. I found it very easy and I enjoy cooking anyway, so I enjoyed the challenge of doing something slightly different than I would normally do.

"I'm always mindful to drink lots of water, which we did anyway, but we increased that as well.

"Quite fortunately, I only drink black coffee, so I didn't worry about things like that and also drink a lot of herbal teas, which can be quite useful in between meals instead of snacking.

"In terms of exercise, I didn’t do an awful lot more than I’d always done. I love pilates and I've always tried to take part in low-intensity interval training.

"However, I had been struggling with even just walking at the end of summer, because I'd hurt my hip. I had been diagnosed with arthritis, and whilst I wasn’t in agony, it was impacting my movement.

"I started going to the physio and they gave me some exercises to do, and it made a lot of difference. In combination with the weight loss, and regular trips to the gym, I noticed I was able to move a lot more without discomfort."

Woman after weight loss

She would exercise gently during her transformation


Before long, Lucy noticed results and was losing a couple of kilograms each week.

Since slimming down, the dieter has experienced an increase in confidence, less pain in her hips and she has become more flexible.

She added: "We didn’t feel as if we missed out on anything and we continued to socialise as normal.

"If we went out with friends we noticed that most restaurants show the calorie guide next to most meals and we'd find something that fitted within the guidelines of the programme.

"Generally, it was something that had lots of vegetables and was low carb. In addition, we stopped drinking alcohol at home, which was good but we didn’t deprive ourselves when we went out.

"We even went out to stay with our kids out in France for a few days over the New Year and we found it manageable. By that time, we had just started with time restricted eating, so when we were in France, we'd delay eating until as late as possible in the morning and then eat within a short window - our latest meal would be around 6.30pm or 7pm at night. Once you get into the pattern, it becomes a good habit."

Intermittent fasting is great for weight loss and it has also been shown to help with illnesses such as type 2 diabetes.

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