‘I lost two inches off my waist and found my abs at 58 - three small changes to the diet can make a big difference’

‘I lost two inches off my waist and found my abs at 58 - three small changes to the diet can make a big difference’

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Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 21/04/2024

- 12:21

A content creator claims three changes to her routine became the drivers of her impressive weight loss

Small lifestyle changes can offer impressive results for weight loss, but commitment and patience are essential.

These changes mainly comprise eating fewer fatty and sugary foods. The addition of fruit, tea and water to the diet may also prove transformational, according to one content creator.

Fifty-nine-year-old Vicky Derosa advocates for making small lifestyle changes as she claimed they made the biggest difference to her figure.

According to the TikToker, drinking green tea, upping water intake, eating more fruit, and managing stress can spell an end to abdominal weight gain.

Vicky Derosa and bowl of fruit

Vicky claims she discovered her abs at 58


“I lost two inches off my waist, found my abs and lost tonnes of fat in three weeks,” Vicky Derosa claimed in a TikTok post. “Here is what I learned.

“If you’re trying to burn belly fat I’ve got three things you can do immediately.

“A couple of cups of green tea, drinks lots of water, and in the morning eat only a bowl of fruit for breakfast,” she added.

Derosa reiterated that “green tea is the answer” in another clip on her channel, where she added: “Green tea contains antioxidants that stimulate the nervous system to burn fat.”

These claims stem from scientific evidence, as the particles in the drink react with each other and target lipids in the abdominal area.

Stress management

The beginning of Derosa's weight loss journey proved an uphill struggle, but the moment she stopped stressing out about her results, improvements sped up.


Belly fat

Weight gain around the abdomen can lead to metabolic disturbances


“I set out on a mission to get really great abs by the time I turn 58, I started and the first week was extremely stressful," she told her TikTok followers.

“I was killing myself working out, I was thinking about my food constantly, I was counting calories.

"I learned that we are going to do far better if we just relax. Have a goal, but relax. Don’t stress about it. It’ll happen faster if you don’t stress.”

The notion that stress can impede weight loss efforts has scientific backing, as stress sends cortisol pumping through veins, signalling the body to hold on to fat.

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