Can you tighten loose skin naturally? Expert shares best exercise to ‘firm up' the body in 12 weeks

sue before and after pics

Sue saw her skin firm up after she started weight training

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 17/06/2024

- 17:48

Establishing a consistent exercise regimen could tone up the body at any age

Loose skin is a frustrating side effect of ageing, but a consistent exercise regimen could reverse the issue completely.

Although many people turn to surgical procedures as a quick-fix solution, one expert says you can firm up just as effectively by training with weights.

“There may be ways you can tighten loose skin,” explained Alicia, a fitness fanatic who offers advice to women over 50 on her YouTube channel Alicia Jones Healthy Living.

The expert tips can help anyone struggling with age-related loose skin or sagging due to rapid weight loss.

alicia on tightening the skin

Alicia recommends lifting heavy weights to tighten the skin


“The power is in weight training,” she added. “If you only lift weight once in a while, or this is a tactic that you’ve said you’ve been doing but you haven’t been consistent, that’s where the issue lies.

“You’ve got to be consistent, you have to lift weights for a minimum of twelve weeks if not longer in order to see those results.”

This is the advice Alicia offered her client Sue, who saw fascinating results after applying the coach's tips.

Sue had struggled with weight loss following a diabetes diagnosis, but with consistent weight training, she managed to tone up her body completely.

“It was time to add a consistent weight training routine in order to firm her arms and tighten her tummy,” said Alicia. “She now feels confident and excited to wear tank tops and show off her beautiful body. She’s got her body back and she is so proud.”

The wellness guru says it is imperative to do heavier weight training to speed up results.

“I promise you won’t bulk up,” she said. “You’ve got to work on adaptation, which means you’ve got to take it slow and take lighter weights at first.

“You will still get that firming and toning effect doing lighter weights at first because your body needs to adapt to that.”

Alicia also stresses the importance of sticking to the same workout instead of trying out various regimens.

The body needs time to adapt to increase lean muscle, and switching up workouts too often could hinder efforts to tone up.


Weight training

Weight training can firm up the body regardless of age


“Find a workout you love and focus on increasing the weight size,” she added, explaining that the goal isn't to exercise every single day but rather to establish a regular routine.

“You do need to focus on getting the same amount of weight training every week,” Alicia noted. “The point is you’ve got to stay consistent.”

It is equally important to make sure you work out the entire body to firm up the skin on the arms and legs.

“For you to firm up and tone you’ve got to work out the whole body. Whole body weight training revs up the metabolism,” Alicia concluded. “You burn fat even at rest.”

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