Aldi launches new alcoholic beverage that promises 'vibrant' flavours and the 'finest' botanicals

Aldi's NEW Haysmith’s Lemon Gin / Aldi

Britons who enjoy a tasty tipple have been urged to head to their local Aldi

Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 28/05/2024

- 12:28

Aldi's Haysmith's London Gin is available in stores for £16.99

Aldi is constantly bringing out new products and the latest is a zesty gin perfect for the summer months.

The supermarket told customers: "Gin lovers across the nation can enjoy a Sicilian-inspired summertime, as Aldi welcomes the New Haysmith’s Lemon Gin (£16.99, 70cl) to its award-winning lineup.

"Available in stores from May 23 - ahead of World Gin Day (June 8) - this vibrant tipple offers fresh and citrusy lemon flavours combined with the finest juniper botanicals."

Gin and tonic lovers have been told that this tasty drink is the ideal tipple for them.

Aldi's NEW Haysmith\u2019s Lemon Gin

'This vibrant tipple offers fresh and citrusy lemon flavours combined with the finest juniper botanicals'


The supermarket said: "Refreshingly light and complex, it’s the perfect gin to include in a zesty G&T - simply serve with Mediterranean tonic, plenty of ice and garnish with fresh lemon. Alternatively, add Prosecco and a sprig of basil for a citrusy Italian spritz."

But Aldi's lemon gin isn't the only alcoholic beverage the supermarket has introduced in recent days.

Aldi has launched "the UK's favourite cocktail" that "transports you to sunny Mexico".

The supermarket said: "It’s an easy way for shoppers to enjoy the nation’s favourite cocktail without the fuss of making it or pulling on purse strings."

In other Aldi alcohol news, wine lovers may want to snap up Aldi's al fresco dining "essential".

The supermarket has also welcomed the return of "fan favourite" gins that are "ideal for sipping in the sunshine". These are available in stores now.

Aldi's Haysmith’s Rosa Pink Grapefruit Gin (£16.99, 70cl) will "transport tastebuds to the Amalfi Coast".

The "zesty and citrusy" was awarded a Gold medal at last year’s Spirit Business Gin Masters.

Aldi's Haysmith’s Yuzu & Mandarin Gin (£16.99, 70cl) blends the Japanese citrus fruit Yuzu with flavours of mandarin and juniper.

The supermarket said: "Hints of cherry blossom and subtle spiced notes of Sansho peppers make for an aromatic, complex finish – that is of Silver standard according to judges at the International Wine & Spirits Challenge."



Aldi is also bringing back several "fan favourite" gins


Aldi will also bring back three Greyson's Gins. Shoppers will be able to get their hands on Greyson’s Morello Cherry Gin (£13.99, 70cl), Greyson’s Sicilian Lemon Gin (£13.99, 70cl), and Greyson’s Mediterranean Orange Gin (£13.99, 70cl).

In other Aldi news, the supermarket introduced its own-brand paper gin bottle in a world first as it cuts back on waste.

Another product Aldi has launched recently is set to delight self-care enthusiasts.

The supermarket's latest apothecary range will allow Britons to "relax, unwind and revive" for £3.49.

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