Asda overhauls own-brand range with 500 new premium products - hitting shelves now

Asda store sign

Asda has launched a new premium own-brand range

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 24/05/2024

- 11:36

Asda has expanded what own-brand products are on offer with a new premium selection

Supermarket giant Asda has announced a new range of own-brand products named Exceptional by Asda.

This will focus on taste as well as providing the best quality foods, with some items already on shelves.

More than 500 products will be included in the range using the best quality ingredients and flavours, with recipes curated by experts.

The range will include everyday treats and premium essentials with their "own story to tell", with the first products available in stores now.

Exceptional by Asda quiche

The supermarket will sell Exceptional by Asda products


More than 70 Core Chilled products will land in the Exceptional by Asda range between now and June 8.

Shoppers can expect Exceptional Burrata, Exceptional Petit Liverot, Exceptional Chaat Masala Potato Salad and Exceptional Double Stuffed Halkadiki Olives, among other offerings.

Asda states: "With the first products available on shelves now, the new range will not only see a distinctly premium packaging design, with a sophisticated emerald green and gold colour palette, but also an elevated product offering with a focus on surprising and inspiring customers with products which celebrate the very best of own-brand, with exceptional ingredients and taste at their heart."

Asda is investing in the quality of its own-label lines with more than 4,500 new or improved products also being added.

The supermarket chain plans to provide customers with "fantastic tasting products" at affordable prices.

VP of commercial strategy, Own Brand, at Asda Sam Dickson said: "At Asda, we’re constantly striving to exceed expectations and inspire customers with the quality and breadth of our ranges and work relentlessly to offer our customers uncompromising value, showcasing that affordable can also mean high quality.

"The launch of our new premium brand, Exceptional, marks an exciting time for Asda’s own-brand offering.

"We’ve developed a range which offers customers something they’ll feel really proud to put on the dinner table – these products ooze quality and celebrate the very best of own brand, with taste at their heart.”

Exceptional by Asda cheese

More than 500 items will be added


The discount supermarket chain has changed the packaging on three varieties of its own-brand washing-up liquid so they are now mostly made with recycled plastic.

Plastics and packaging director at Aldi UK Luke Emery said: “At Aldi, we know that our customers are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment, and cutting back on plastic usage is just as important to them as it is to us.

“While the challenge of plastic packaging is significant across the industry, we are committed to minimising our impact wherever we can.

"Transitioning to recycled materials in our washing up liquid range and lowering the weight of our fabric conditioners are just two examples of our ongoing efforts to do so.”

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