'I’m a face yoga expert - a one-minute exercise keeps facial jowls at bay by toning the jawline'

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Danielle shared a top facial exercise to prevent jowls

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 13/05/2024

- 22:21

Updated: 13/05/2024

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A world-leading face yoga expert has shared a trick to help the jaw and neck hold their space

Jowls describe sagging that occurs under the jawline as skin elasticity starts to decline with age.

Almost all individuals develop jowls at a later stage of their life because the skin becomes less elastic over time.

Fortunately, world-leading face yoga expert Danielle Collins claims one technique can minimise the chances of jowls developing - and it only takes a few minutes.

Danielle Collins told YouTube viewers: “Today I wanted to show you a great technique to help with the jowl area.

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The expert recommends repeating the move three times


“It’s an area that I’m asked about a lot, to really work on toning. Now in order to strengthen the muscles under the skin, in this area, you really want to be doing a daily toning technique.

“I’m going to show you one of my favourites.

“You’re going to start by making a little smile shape with the mouth, and then wrap the lips around the teeth and slightly open the mouth.

“Feel the lip corners pointing upwards and place the index fingers on the nasolabial folds. Use those fingers to smooth that area as much as possible.”

Next, tilt the head backwards while continuing to press the fingers against the skin, and hold the position for five deep breaths.

“Slowly come back down, all that time you should slowly feel as though cheeks are lifting up, lip corners are lifting up,” explained the expert.

As the head tilts backwards, it should feel as though the area beneath the jawline and chin is engaged.

“You can repeat that [exercise] three more times if you like,” added Danielle. “Just remember to have clean hands all the time and work at your level.”

The science behind facial massages:

There is evidence that facial exercises, and exercise in general, can help reduce the appearance and severity of jowls by helping the muscles in the face, jaw and neck better able to hold their space.


\u200bFacial ageing

Facial ageing is due to the loss of fat and soft tissue


This rationale stems from the fact that a major part of facial ageing is due to the loss of fat and soft tissue.

Though studies have led to promising findings, scientists have yet to draw firm conclusions about the longevity of these results.

Many experts suggest that the exercises must be repeated regularly to maintain results.

For those who wish to prevent sagging of the skin but are reluctant to commit to face yoga, sunscreen is encouraged.

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