Apple set to launch new electric car in 2028 that could rival Tesla after ditching self-driving plans

Apple set to launch new electric car in 2028 that could rival Tesla after ditching self-driving plans
Transport Secretary Mark Harper takes a ride in a self-driving vehicle
Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 24/01/2024

- 10:05

Updated: 05/03/2024

- 16:55

Apple could unveil a new electric car within years after almost a decade of speculation

Technology giant Apple is believed to be looking into introducing a new electric car after years of rumours that it would launch a fully self-driving vehicle.

Apple has dominated the technology sector for decades and now looks set to launch itself into the automotive industry.

It was previously believed that the California-based company would seek to unveil a fully self-driving autonomous car in a bid to reign supreme in another sector.

Apple, which is the largest electronics company in the world, is thought to have launched Project Titan in 2014 with the aim of releasing a completely driverless car.

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Apple logo and an electric car charging

Apple is believed to be planning on launching a new electric car in the coming years


Reports now state that the brand is working on an electric car with more limited features in a move that could rival some of the biggest established EV brands like Elon Musk's Tesla.

Apple plans to introduce the car in 2028 at the earliest, according to sources speaking with Bloomberg.

This is two years later than an earlier projection as Apple continues to work on the secret project and seeks to reinvigorate sales.

Inside sources suggest that the car will contain more basic driver-assistance features, similar to those found in Tesla electric vehicles.

It has been suggested that the vehicle will provide steering, brake and acceleration support, including lane centering and adaptive cruise control.

Apple’s desire to enter the automotive sector comes at a time when other technology giants are investing in emerging vehicle brands.

Amazon has invested heavily in Rivian and its popular electric trucks while Google’s sister company Waymo continues to make in-roads into autonomous vehicle technology.

Bloomberg quoted sources as saying that Apple wanted to make a “Tesla me-too product” with a focus on design, safety and an immersive user interface.

This comes as the UK Government continues to push ahead with its goal to become a global superpower with autonomous vehicles and self-driving technology.

The Automated Vehicles Bill was finally introduced to Parliament in November 2023 with Transport Secretary Mark Harper backing the new measures as helping the UK unlock billions of pounds worth of investment from the private sector over the coming years.

The new laws contain “one of the most comprehensive legal frameworks of its kind anywhere in the world” and aims to put driver safety at the forefront of any technological advancements.

It is estimated that 38,000 new jobs will be created in the UK with the industry estimated to be worth £42billion as well as helping to slash the number of injuries and deaths from road traffic accidents.


Self-driving vehicle

The Government estimates that the self-driving vehicle industry could be worth £42billion for the UK


Alex Kendall, co-founder and CEO of Wayve, a British autonomous vehicle company, said: “By setting out a clear path to commercialisation, new primary legislation for self-driving vehicles gives us the confidence to continue investing in research and development and growing our talent base here in the UK.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the Government to cement the UK’s role as a global centre of excellence for self-driving technology that will make our roads safer and unlock new growth.”

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