Sue and Noel Radford spark frenzy with huge update on 22 Kids and Counting Channel 5 return: 'Very excited!'

Sue and Noel Radford share 22 Kids and Counting update

A new series of 22 Kids and Counting is coming to screens soon, say Sue and Noel Radford

Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 11/07/2024

- 09:07

The 22 Kids and Counting family filmed an important message to share with fans

Sue and Noel Radford took to social media on Wednesday to share a major update on their series, 22 Kids and Counting.

The last episodes of the Channel 5 inside-look docuseries aired more than a year ago, so fans have been eager to find out if and when more episodes could be expected.

Taking to their Instagram account on Wednesday, mum and dad Sue, 49, and Noel, 53, shared a post with their 529,000 followers.

Sue announced: "Hi everyone, I hope you're all good. Well, we have got some super exciting news that we are ready to share."

"We've been dying to share this," Noel added, telling his wife: "Go on, I know you want to tell them!"

She revealed: "I know everybody's just been asking lots and lots about when is 22 Kids and Counting back. Well, we're very excited to tell you that it is back on on Sunday, the 21st July."

She continued: "Channel 5, 8pm and we cannot wait to share everything that we've been getting up to. We hope you guys enjoy watching!"

The family has been on screens for years after becoming Britain's largest family, frequently sharing their unique experience with curious viewers.

The brood also shares regular updates on their social media accounts, with many of the older children now experiencing parenthood with kids of their own.

Fans immediately rushed to the comments section to share their excitement over the update.

Sue and Noel Radford

A new series of the show is coming to screens soon


"Wahoooo can’t wait to watch with the kids!" one delighted fan commented.

"We are so happy been lost without watching you guys," another shared.

"Whooooo hooooooo can't flipping wait xxxx," a third enthused, with another writing: "Wow, what a treat to end my birthday weekend. can't wait."

"Brilliant love watching you guys welcome back i'm excited," someone else remarked.

While someone else posted: "Fantastic news!! Love watching you all." (sic)

The family's social media pages see regular updates shared with fans, but can occasionally lead to trolls leaving remarks about the Radfords.

Sue had to hit back at one person recently, which sparked many to jump to her defence. It came after she shared some holiday snaps.

The parents had treated their family once again to a get-away in their £40,000 motorhome - the 26th holiday the family has enjoyed in two years.

Radford decided to share a screenshot of the exchange that took place following the targeted message, which read: "You are disease...[It's] paid for by the taxpayer."

The mother-of-22 hit back: "I wonder if Adam is a high-rate taxpayer or if Adam pays tax at all? Maybe he's a bit p****d he doesn't own a motorhome. I would be too as we b****y love it, paid for with our hard-earned, high-rate, taxpayer's money."

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