Steve Wright ‘died of broken heart’ as BBC boss faces backlash for ‘sickening’ tribute to axed DJ

Steve Wright ‘died of broken heart’ as BBC boss faces backlash for ‘sickening’ tribute to axed DJ

'Makes me feel sick!' BBC blasted for just 'dumping' Steve Wright by Liz Kershaw

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 15/02/2024

- 08:29

Updated: 15/02/2024

- 08:37

Steve Wright died at the age of 69 and was found in his home after paramedics were called to an “incident”

Steve Wright was replaced by DJ Scott Mills on his afternoon BBC Radio 2 slot back in 2022, with friend Gary Farrow claiming he never got over the decision.

Wright’s departure from his beloved show after 24 years led to Radio 2 shedding a million listeners, with many of his friends and colleagues following in his footsteps.

It has been claimed that Wright never got over his departure from the show he dearly loved, with one pal claiming his death was due to a “broken heart”.

Friend and publicist Farrow fumed over the BBC deeming Wright “too old” and said: “Steve lived for that show, he absolutely loved it - and the listeners loved him.

“My view is that he died from a broken heart. From what I know, he didn’t have any real medical problems - he was always taking ­vitamins and popping pills.

“Sure, he didn’t really eat broccoli and he liked McDonald’s, but he was such a character, the likes of which I don’t think we will see again.

Steve Wright

Steve Wright was a DJ for the BBC for over 40 years


“He would spend hours and hours researching before a show, checking out guests and doing his homework. Radio was his life.

“He was Mr Showbiz. He was the first to discuss and champion new books, films, records and TV shows, and so progressive in that respect. So quite how the BBC could decide he was ‘too old’ or not ­current enough is a joke.

“There was no one more current or on the pulse than Steve. I’ll never understand the decision to let him go. It devastated him," the pal said, according to The Sun.

Listeners of the BBC radio show were left “enraged” after BBC boss Helen Thomas offered a “sickening” tribute to Wright after learning the news of his death.

Steve Wright

Steve's pal believes the star died of "a broken heart"


She first described him as a “consummate professional” who was “always second to none” before continuing: “Steve was the first presenter I ever produced, more than 20 years ago.

“I remember the pure amazement I felt, sitting opposite this legendary broadcaster whose shows I had ­listened to and marvelled at whilst growing up in Hull.”

Whist some were grateful for the sentiment, many others were left furious as one X user commented: “Is this the same Helen Thomas who ripped out his soul when she took away his show?

“I love the tributes from fans/colleague/friends, but I am sickened by the gushing from BBC management who threw Steve because of his age on the scrapheap. He lost purpose, so sad.”

Steve Wright

Steve was found in him home by paramedics


Another added: “Shame on Helen Thomas who pushed Steve off his afternoon show for a mediocre replacement. I am convinced it affected Steve adversely. I am as annoyed today as I was when he announced that HT wanted to do something different. Horrible mistake Helen and it is not forgotten.”

“Helen Thomas’ comments about Steve Wright. How ironic. The BBC doesn’t care about how the public feels about any of the greats that were sacked/demoted. Your salaries are guaranteed, whether you do your jobs properly or not. By contrast, the talented seem disposable to you? Ugh,” a third fumed. (sic)

Liz Kershaw also blasted the BBC for “dumping” Wright and claimed the broadcaster should be “embarrassed “ for the way he was treated.

She told GB News: “It makes me feel sick. It's shabby and it's hypocritical. But I wonder if they considered how it affected him. He was such a professional. He was brilliant. He was the best.”

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