Channel 5 Too Good To Be True viewers slam ‘slow start’ as new drama airs ‘off-putting’ first episode

Channel 5 Too Good To Be True viewers slam ‘slow start’ as new drama airs ‘off-putting’ first episode

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 14/02/2024

- 22:45

Kara Tointon starred as a down-on-her luck single mother in the show's debut episode

Channel 5's latest drama series Too Good To Be True debuted on Wednesday evening, starring former EastEnders star Kara Tointon as the struggling protagonist, Rachel.

The single mother is doing her best to support her young son, Liam (Charlie Hodson-Prior) and was made a very interesting employment offer which seems to be the answer to all her prayers.

The mysterious Elliot (Allen Leech) is the wealthy businessman who seems to come to the rescue of Rachel, choosing her to clean his huge house for an offer she can't refuse.

Arriving at the house, Rachel doesn't initially meet Elliot but proceeds to have a nose around the house, trying on some luxurious dresses she finds and, despite not cleaning a thing, her new employer is clearly impressed and she's soon back at the fancy property.

Rachel is also thrilled when Elliot begins showering her and her son with lavish gifts, and she doesn't seem to question the strange circumstances too much.

Those tuned into the drama couldn't help but point out some odd and "unrealistic" decisions made by the main character, while others slammed the "slow start".

Kara Tointon as Rachel

Fans found the episode 'unrealistic' and 'slow'

Channel 5

Taking to X, one penned: “This seems a bit predictable… struggling single mom with no help, random good looking, wealthy mystery man with the seeming answer to her prayers… #toogoodtobetrue.”

Another commented: “#TooGoodToBeTrue slow start,” while a third echoed this view, adding: “This is a typically slow start.”

“#TooGoodToBeTrue why is this all filmed in colours teal and green? It’s terrible. Teal or green clothes, walls, doors, tables, fences, cars. Men don’t wear green suits. Even jeans have been made greenish. So off-putting. Totally unrealistic. Completely spoils the ‘drama,’” a fourth complained.

One X user fumed: “Watching #toogoodtobetrue and it is ridiculous. A lady is given a new job with big wages and she repays them by snooping around and having a fashion show with their clothes.”

Allen Leech as Elliot

It didn't take long for viewers to take to X to share their thoughts

Channel 5

However, others disagreed with the negative assessments, with one fan writing: “Good watch so far. I watch loads of TV, and I always find Channel 5 dramas never get the promotion they deserve.

“Normally, it's better than a lot of others. Intriguing so far. #toogoodtobetrue absolutely accidentally started to watch this. Happy I did.”

Another added: “Why do all Channel 5 dramas feel the same? I’ll still watch! They always get such great people I like in them #TooGoodToBeTrue.”

The four-part drama is likely to delve into deeper twists and turns after it concluded the first instalment with Elliot watching Rachel and her son at their house via a hidden camera.

Rachel and her son, Liam

Tointon stars as struggling mother Rachel

Channel 5

Kara Tointon as Rachel

The four-part drama series kicked off on Wednesday

Channel 5

Speaking to Radio Times, Tointon explained her excitement for the role and described the psychological thriller as "a rollercoaster of emotions".

"It keeps you guessing, it's a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions, for sure," she shared.

"And you really have to jump on board with Rachel. It's her story, and that was really exciting for me. So it was something to get my teeth into. I really loved it."

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