Lee Mack faces bizarre calls to be 'cancelled' as woke viewers slam 'painful' diversity joke

Lee Mack

Lee Mack has sparked uproar thanks to his NTAs speech

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 06/09/2023

- 12:08

The comedian took to the stage at the National Television Awards alongside his 1% Club team

There were a number of surprise winners at Tuesday night's NTAs, from The Repair Shop bagging Daytime Programme to EastEnders' Serial Drama victory.

Lee Mack's The 1% Club also emerged victorious in the Quiz Game Show category as the comedian and his team headed to the stage.

However, following Mack's speech which was filled with a number of hilarious quips, he's fallen into the firing line of the wokies.

Mack has faced calls to be "cancelled" after he cracked a joke about diversity on-screen and joked the award was shaped like a "sex toy".

Mo Gilligan and Jill Scott were the two stars who presented the award and after the latter handed it over, Mack said: "To receive a sex toy like this off Jill Scott is an absolute pleasure."

He then cracked a joke about the height of the microphone as he poked fun that it was set up for Ant and Dec instead.

Lee Mack and the 1% Club crew

Lee Mack and the 1% Club crew took to the stage


The laughs kept on coming when Mack embarrassed his teenage son who had attended the awards with him.

He then turned his attention to the other celebs in the room: "I want to thank all the other nominees because they're all brilliant.

"I want to thank Michael McIntyre, I wanna thank Richard Osman, I wanna thank Bradley Walsh, proving that if you get really funny people to host a show, it's a good idea.

"And also shows diversity targets are really working," Mack sarcastically added. "Doesn't matter if you're 5"6 or 7"9, it's for everyone."

The joke was met with a slightly quieter giggle in the crowd which Mack himself acknowledged as he quipped it may have been better suited at the BAFTAs.

However, in a ridiculous attempt to attack the comedian for his remarks, some viewers watching at home took to the web.

One Twitter user said after Mack's speech: "Well lee mack is gonna get cancelled now #NTAs."

While a second hit out: "I am sure the diversity joke was very, very funny … in Lee Mack’s head. #NTAs #NationalTelevisionAwards."

Elsewhere, a third slammed the comedian: "Watching lee mack trying to be funny is just painful #NTAs."

Lee Mack

Lee Mack has faced calls to be 'cancelled'


And a fourth even pondered: "I couldn't tell if Lee Mack's joke at the #NTAs was a dig at the lack of diversity in that category or him opposing people hiring those from diverse backgrounds to host."

Among the madness, however, was some support for Mack with a number of users hitting out at the cancel culture pariahs baying for blood.

One user argued: "So, Lee Mack, a comedian, makes a joke about a sex toy to Jill Scott, and now people are calling for him to be cancelled.

"Wtaf is going on in the world! Nobody got hurt! Jill Scott laughed, and everyone lived." (sic)

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