Laura Hamilton launches staunch defence of 'difficult' APITS guests amid backlash: 'Entitled to be picky'

Laura Hamilton launches staunch defence of 'difficult' APITS guests amid backlash: 'Entitled to be picky'

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 10/05/2024

- 22:45

The A Place in the Sun star talked about dealing with 'picky' guests while chatting exclusively to GB News

A Place in the Sun has been entertaining Channel 4 viewers since 2000, and one reoccurring theme is guests who leave viewers fuming with their "picky" natures.

Those taking part in the show are hoping to find either their home-from-home in an exotic location or to move their entire lives abroad, and an important part of the process is the help and support they get from the property and travel experts.

Speaking exclusively to GB News, presenter Hamilton discussed what it was like to be a long-term expert on the show, and how she deals with "difficult" guests.

Viewers often take to social media to slam people who seem to demand too much for their budget, or are simply not pleased with any of the properties the presenter has found for them.

Having been on the show since 2012, Hamilton is used to dealing with the odd difficult house-hunter.

Opening up on this, the 42-year-old explained: "Because obviously we spend the week with them, you get to know them in the week.

Laura Hamilton

Hamilton talked about 'picky' guests on A Place in the Sun

Channel 4/ Instagram - laurahamiltontv

"And sometimes there might be things that they've pointed out from the property that aren't edited and shown on camera.

"But property is a big thing. It has to be right, I think people are entitled to be picky because it is a big thing to be doing and it is a big amount of money."

Defending the trickier guests, she concluded: "Lots of people are, you know, spending their life savings, so it needs to be right."

When asked if she's ever disappointed in decisions or feedback from the guests, Hamilton admitted there's one thing in particular she finds hard.

She added: "It's a personal choice and a personal preference, so people have to be happy with the choices they're making.

"I've been disappointed for people when they might have thought, 'right well, we're going to hold out for the property,' and then they'll get home and then they'll put an offer in and it's too late and it's gone.

"Or I've been disappointed for people when we've been filming the show and where they've slept on it overnight and we go into make the call the next morning the property sells and I've missed out, but that's that's the reality. That's real life."

While Hamilton made clear how much she loved her job, when asked about the difficult elements she replied: "Sometimes missing out on family events, being away with work.

Laura Hamilton

Hamilton has starred in the series since 2012


"I've, you know, I've had to miss out on things back home because I've been away.

"That's that's probably the biggest sort of compromise I've sort of had to make."

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