A Place in the Sun's Laura Hamilton reflects on 'hardest part' of Channel 4 show

A Place in the Sun's Laura Hamilton reflects on 'hardest part' of Channel 4 show

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 08/05/2024

- 21:56

The travel expert has starred in the Channel 4 series since 2012

A Place in the Sun favourite Laura Hamilton has been on the Channel 4 series since 2012, and remains a big name among the property experts.

Speaking exclusively to GB News, Hamilton, 42, reflected on being a long-term presenter on the show, revealing what the "hardest" part of the gig has been.

While Hamilton explained how much she loved her job, when asked about the difficult elements she replied: "Sometimes missing out on family events, being away with work.

"I've, you know, I've had to miss out on things back home because I've been away.

"That's that's probably the biggest sort of compromise I've sort of had to make."

The travel expert also went on to explain her passion for presenting A Place in the Sun, detailing the importance of making a difference to people.

Laura Hamilton

Hamilton talked about the 'hardest part' of her job


"The fact that we go back and we revisit people, you know that you're making big difference in somebody's life when they're filming the show with you, but then when you actually go back and revisit it just to see really how things have changed. That's pretty special."

Earlier this year, former presenter Jonnie Irwin tragically died following a battle with cancer.

Hamilton described to GB News how close she had been with the 50-year-old, sharing: "We are a family at A Place in the Sun, both for everyone in front and behind the camera.

"And lots of us have worked together for years. So although we might not see each other all the time, we regularly do chat and we do message each other.

"We do keep up to date. I mean I'm flying out to Spain next week - I'm actually filming for the next couple of weeks - and I'm going to meet with Jasmine [Harman].

"Last time I was in Spain, a couple of weeks ago I saw Jas and her family again – we are very close.

"Our kids hang out. So yeah, we are we are very close. Jas and I in particular obviously were sort of closest to Jonnie.

"So having done the show as long as we have… So yeah, we reminisce a lot."

Laura Hamilton

Hamilton is a fan favourite on the show

Channel 4

In February, Irwin's family released a statement announcing his tragic passing.

Irwin was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2020, and the disease soon spread to his brain. He was told in 2022 that he had "just months to live".

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