Jeremy Clarkson's Diddly Squat 'family' put on defiant display amid star's fears he'll have to sell farm

Jeremy Clarkson's Diddly Squat 'family' put on defiant display amid star's fears he'll have to sell farm

WATCH: Jeremy Clarkson builds car park on Diddly Squat following council battle

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 03/10/2023

- 10:51

The Clarkson's Farm host has joined a number of his co-stars for a new update

Jeremy Clarkson and a number of his Clarkson's Farm co-stars have joined forces for a new update following his admission that he may look to sell Diddly Squat.

The Grand Tour host - who recently shared a snap from the set of an upcoming motoring special - wrote in his Sunday Times column that he contemplated selling the farm due to a number of "disasters" he's faced since he took over running it.

Fans have been able to see firsthand the trials and tribulations Clarkson and his Diddly Squat 'family' have faced throughout two seasons of the Amazon Prime Video show so far.

From ruinous sheep and adverse weather to planning wars with the local council, Clarkson has had his hands full since he took the reins of the farm - making just £144 profit in his first year.

Clarkson and partner Lisa Hogan will be back for a third season of Clarkson's Farm, however, and Amazon is reportedly eyeing up a fourth run.

But Clarkson admitted he'd toyed with the idea of shutting up shop completely due to the number of challenges thrown his way - although the latest update from Diddly Squat proves there are no signs of saying goodbye just yet.

Jeremy Clarkson and the Diddly Squat 'family'

Jeremy Clarkson and the Diddly Squat 'family' have shared a new update


Proving the harmony is still going strong among those at Diddly Squat, Clarkson posed with Hogan, Kaleb Cooper, Gerald Cooper and 'Cheerful' Charlie Ireland in a new post shared on social media.

The entire Diddly Squat family was all smiles in the latest update and the farm's official Instagram account simply and triumphantly captioned the snap: "A Team. #diddlysquatfarm #team."

The update from the former Top Gear star's farm, which is situated near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, sparked a number of fans to excitedly reply, with several pleased to see their favourite stars from the show back together.

"Awww you are a great team," one Instagram user wrote in the comments while a second added: "Yess [applause emoji], we want the next season on prime."

Elsewhere a third weighed in: "Love it! You’ve all done brilliant in creating the Diddly Squat Farm. Can’t wait to visit."

Another heaped on the praise: "Love you all, all team members on your farm do fantastic work. I look forward to seeing you all on TV again soon. Lisa and Jeremy are the best."

While a fifth echoed: "Can't wait for the next series. You lot really are brilliant and have opened a lot of people's eyes to how tough farming can be." (sic)

Clarkson opened up about his thought process in his column and how he mulled over the possibility of putting the farm up for sale.

He penned: "So I’ve tried farming conventionally and it didn’t work. I’ve tried diversifying and that hasn’t really worked either. And I’ve tried with sheep and pigs and cows and that has been a bit of a disaster as well.

Jeremy Clarkson and Lisa Hogan

Jeremy Clarkson and Lisa Hogan run Diddly Squat


"So I arrived at a crossroads," the Diddly Squat owner candidly admitted. "And was not sure which way to turn."

He confessed: "I could sell the farm and earn far more from the interest than I do from growing bread and beer and vegetable oil. But I like having it and for very good reasons there are no death duties on farmland.

"So my children like me having it too. This means I have to hang on to it, but what then? Do nothing? That would be heartbreaking. So I have to do something. But what?"

However, Clarkson revealed land agent Ireland has already purchased "nine months' worth of fertiliser", meaning the "farming circle has begun all over again" as he remains committed for another year.

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