Jeremy Clarkson reunites with May and Hammond as he drops major Grand Tour filming update

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are returning to screens

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 21/09/2023

- 14:03

Updated: 06/02/2024

- 12:40

The Grand Tour trio are back filming new episodes of the hit Amazon Prime Video series

Former Top Gear front-man Jeremy Clarkson has sparked a meltdown among his Instagram followers thanks to his latest update.

The Clarkson's Farm star has shared a snap alongside Grand Tour co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May from the set of their latest special.

Clarkson stopped short of revealing too many details about what fans can expect from the new special but did accompany the snap with the caption: "Good to be back."

May and Hammond could be seen standing beside their co-host with three classic cars parked behind them.

While the 63-year-old didn't reveal where they were filming, eagle-eyed fans almost unanimously managed to identify where the trio have headed to.

"You have no idea how happy you just made Zimbabwe - so excited," one fan weighed in while a second echoed: "Looks like Zimbabwe."

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have reunited for a new Grand Tour special


If fans' predictions are correct, this wouldn't be the first time the trio have filmed in Africa having filmed a Top Gear special back in 2012 in which they travelled from Uganda through Rwanda to Tanzania.

Meanwhile, other fans took to the comments section of the post to plead with Clarkson - and Amazon bosses - to keep instalments of The Grand Tour coming.

"Please never stop making TGT specials. My life is incomplete without y'all," one fan pleaded while a second added: "Please guys never stop making these," followed by fire emojis.

Speculation about the future of The Grand Tour has been rife ever since it was reported back in January that Amazon had planned to cut ties with Clarkson beyond any already planned projects.


US publication Variety reported that Amazon bosses had decided to put a stop to any future projects with Clarkson following his now-famous Meghan Markle column - for which he apologised directly to Prince Harry and his wife.

However, in what was a major development in the relationship between Clarkson and Amazon earlier this month, it's been reported Clarkson's Farm is set to be given the green light for a fourth season beyond the upcoming third run.

Therefore, Grand Tour fans may also expect future specials involving Clarkson to hit screens if Clarkson's Farm's boost is anything to go by.

May has already addressed the show's future this summer and while he didn't put a definitive end date on the series, he did admit the trio are closer to the end of their time on-screen than the beginning.

"We don't often think more than about a year in advance because let's face it, we're old so you can't," the 60-year-old told the Fuelling Around podcast.

He added back in the June interview: "We've got another one about to come out, we've just filmed another one a few weeks ago and we've got another one planned to film later this year.

Lisa Hogan and Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson is also filming Clarkson's Farm for Amazon


"What happens after that I don't know, it's a bit of a grey fog, it always is.

"Jeremy is ploughing his farm, I've been cooking and doing some travel, Hammond is taking his own cars apart and then putting them back together," he commented as he alluded to the other projects all three have going on elsewhere.

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