ITV GMB viewers demand host is 'sacked' for asking British-Palestinian MP if family 'knew' of Hamas attacks

ITV GMB viewers demand host is 'sacked' for asking British-Palestinian MP if family 'knew' of Hamas attacks

WATCH NOW: Richard Madeley asks MP if family connections knew about Hamas attacks

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 17/10/2023

- 10:27

Updated: 18/10/2023

- 08:30

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran spoke to Good Morning Britain about the conflict in Gaza

ITV viewers have been left outraged by the line of questioning aimed at the Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and International Development, Layla Moran, during Tuesday's show.

Moran - who has family currently situated in both Israel and Gaza and is the first MP of Palestinian descent - joined Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid to discuss the worry of having loved ones on the ground amid the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Almost two weeks on from the terrorist group Hamas' initial attack on Israel, residents in Gaza have been left with no water or electricity as the Israeli forces fight back.

People in Gaza have also been encouraged to evacuate certain areas as Israel targets Hamas strongholds.

Moran's fears for her family were evident throughout the interview, with her admitting she's been struggling to sleep due to the worry.

"They are in Gaza City itself," Moran explained about her family's whereabouts. "I've been trying to get updates, their phone batteries were running out.

"What I do know is there is no food, there is no water, they have more and more people coming to the church... they've nowhere to go to."

Elsewhere during the discussion, Moran expressed her concern not just for family currently situated in Gaza but for the Palestinian population in the area as a whole.

Layla Moran

Layla Moran revealed her family were in Gaza


Moran claimed Israel's warnings to Palestinians to evacuate areas that may be affected by airstrikes weren't realistic for a number of people.

After describing Gaza as "effectively an open prison", Moran explained: "They wouldn't be able to move easily from one to another.

"We understand that there is now a city which has normally 200,000 people, it's now (got) a million people in it."

Moran then reeled off that her family and people no longer feel safe to move after hearing of convoys being hit by strikes and that routes are unsafe.

The MP went on to express her desire that "humanitarian corridors" be opened up to allow residents to flee Gaza safely.

"I don't think it's right that my family are being held accountable for what Hamas has done," Moran said. "It is a choice (by Israel) to turn off the water and electricity and the way that's happened, I don't think that's right."

Madeley weighed in to point out that the Israeli defence of such actions is as "leverage" in order to try and force Hamas to release the hostages in their captivity.

Moran agreed hostages should be released immediately and unharmed but reiterated: "It doesn't make it okay that families like mine are impacted."

With Moran visibly distressed at her family's situation in the Middle East, Madeley angered ITV viewers when he went on to say during his line of questioning: "With your family connections in Gaza...

"Did you have any indication of what was going to happen 10 days ago, two weeks ago? Was there any word on the street?"

Moran took a deep breath before she answered that "everyone has been surprised by" the "sophistication and timing" of Hamas' attacks.

Since the interview on Tuesday morning, clips of Madeley's probe have gone viral online, sparing fury from a number of social media users.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, one fan fumed in response to the clip: "Richard Madeley should be fired immediately by @GMB. This is completely sick."

Richard Madeley

Richard Madeley has faced calls to be 'fired' for his questioning of the MP


While a second hit out: "Richard Madeley asks Layla Moran MP whether her Palestinian family had heard 'word on the streets' about a coming Hamas attack. Absolutely insane behaviour."

Elsewhere, a third raged: "Richard Madeley should be removed from #gmb after this question. What a disgrace."

And a fifth echoed: "This is just totally unbelievable from Richard Madeley. #GMB."

Another added to the furore: "Richard Madeley completely misses everything Layla Moran relays about the humanitarian crisis and her family worries - asks about her family connections in Gaza, 'did you have any indication of what was going to happen?' Why does he still have a job?"

Since the interview, Madeley and ITV have released a statement apologising for his remarks.

The statement read: "Richard is sorry that he has upset viewers with his question to Layla Moran.

“His intention was to understand the mood and atmosphere amongst the civilian population of Gaza immediately before the attacks.

“He asked Layla about her family in Gaza City because she had discussed speaking to them earlier in the interview.

“He did not mean to imply that she or her family might have had any prior knowledge of the attacks.”

Madeley regularly presents alongside Reid on the ITV breakfast show, stepping into the void left after Piers Morgan's exit.

Reid is the only permanent presenter on the show with the likes of Ed Balls, Adil Ray, Ben Shephard and other ITV hosts co-hosting alongside her.

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