Louis Walsh fumes ‘I’m not changing’ in Celebrity Big Brother rift as he gives housemate warning

Louis Walsh fumes ‘I’m not changing’ in Celebrity Big Brother rift as he gives housemate warning

WATCH NOW: Louis Walsh clashes with housemates in Celebrity Big Brother teaser

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 12/03/2024

- 17:07

The former X Factor star can be seen bickering with housemates in a sneak peek on tonight's episode

Louis Walsh isn’t known for holding back on his opinions and he’s made this clear during his time so far on ITV’s Celebrity Big Brother.

The former X Factor star seems to be involved in a few rifts in tonight’s upcoming episode after a sneak peek showed the 71-year-old taking swipes at his fellow housemates, who didn’t seem pleased.

After issuing a sneak peek at Tuesday’s episode, Celebrity Big Brother’s official X account has already got fans talking about tonight's events.

The housemates can be seen gathered around before Big Brother tells them: “Today you’ll be turning into pop stars and competing to win Big Brother’s hit show, ‘You’re Gonna be a Pop Star'.”

Responding to Big Brother’s news, the housemates excitedly get ready as they sing, dance and practice their cat walks, with some comic moments shown in the preview.

However, Walsh can’t seem to come out of critique mode as he is seen giving his opinions to everyone, and at one point he commented: “I love the way they look, even Fern [Britton] looks good.”

Louis Walsh

Walsh is called out by Zeze for his remarks about Fern Britton


Reacting, Britton can be seen in the clip jokingly holding up two fingers at Walsh, while Strictly Come Dancing star Nikita Kuzmin responded: “Fern looks fantastic.”

Television presenter Zeze Millz didn't seem amused by the remark either and shouted: “Louis! Not ‘even’.”

“I’m judging, you’re not,” the Irish manager and TV personality replied sternly, but the 34-year-old refused to back down in the sneak peek.

“You can’t say ‘even,’ it’s bad,” Millz added before Walsh simply responded: “I did.” Millz seems to press the issue further, replying: “No.”

Louis and Colson

Louis also gives Colson a stern telling off


“I’m not changing,” Walsh insisted angrily as he stormed out of the room. Later in the clip, he is also seen having a serious chat with Coronation Street star Colson Smith.

“At the moment, you’re the weak link in the group,” he told the 25-year-old as they talked, alone.

“I know I am, Levi [Roots] keeps telling me,” Smith replied, laughing during the awkward interaction.

“Yeah well he’s right,” Walsh continued while the actor responded: “I know he is.”

Louis Walsh

Walsh seems to argue back after insulting Fern Britton in tonight's episode


However, Walsh seemed to give Smith more of a telling off following the harsh warning as he went on to ask him: “What are you laughing at?”

“I’m not laughing,” Smith stated in response before Walsh swiped: “Get f***ing ready.”

Walsh, along with Lauren Simon and Britton, is up for eviction in tonight’s episode after the housemates voted on Monday and Sharon Osbourne made the decision to save Millz and replace her with Britton.

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