ITV CBB sparks ‘fix’ row as Sharon Osbourne makes surprise decision in Louis Walsh twist

ITV CBB sparks ‘fix’ row as Sharon Osbourne makes surprise decision in Louis Walsh twist

WATCH HERE: Monday's nominations came with a huge twist involving Sharon

Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 11/03/2024

- 22:47

Updated: 12/03/2024

- 07:56

Osbourne's decision came as a shock to viewers as it left her close friend Louis Walsh at risk

Celebrity Big Brother fans had a lot to say about the latest episode, which featured plenty of dramatic twists.

Sharon Osbourne was given a powerful job on tonight’s episode after being tasked with secretly watching each housemate voting someone off - before making a decision on who would ultimately be up for the vote.

At the start of the instalment, Big Brother told the former X Factor star: “Sharon, today the housemates will nominate. Big Brother is allowing you to watch all of the housemates nominations from the privacy of your bedroom.

“You are not permitted to tell the other housemates about watching nominations or anything about this conversation.”

Later, Osbourne made her excuses and left when it was time for the other housemates to cast their votes.

The 71-year-old watched on as the housemates give their reasons for each vote, responding strongly to some.

Sharon Osbourne

Osbourne watched on as the housemates voted each other off


In the end, the names which received the highest votes were Lauren Simon with eight and ZeZe Millz and Louis Walsh, both with four.

The housemates were later informed Osbourne had been watching them as they made their votes, but were then given the extra bombshell that Osbourne would be deciding who she’d save from the trio – and who she would add in.

Fans immediately assumed Osbourne would opt to save close pal and former X Factor star Walsh, and were left surprised when she instead saved Millz.

Explaining her decision, she told her fellow housemates: “Lauren has been here before, there were a lot of people that didn’t want her here… And she can take it, she’s a big girl."

Louis Walsh

Fans began to think the show had been 'fixed'


The TV personality continued: “And I think the public will save Lou Lou. Zeze – I think she’s fiery, she’s ballsy but she’s quite vulnerable. And I think a lot of it is show and she reminds me of someone that I love.”

An awkward moment came when Osbourne was asked to pick another name to go against the duo, and after some hesitation she selected Fern Britton, explaining that she wasn't "ageist" but felt the youngsters had formed more of a bond.

Walsh later fumed that his friendship with Simon had been the key reason for him receiving votes, however, most who picked him had claimed he hadn't been “pulling his weight” in the house enough.

While fans were initially surprised by Osbourne’s decision, some pointed out she didn’t save Walsh so the pair could exit together.

As part of her decision to be on the show, Osbourne agreed to do a shorter stint and will soon be making her own exit.

Fern Britton

Sharon awkwardly picked Fern to be at risk of elimination


Taking to social media, some viewers were quick to point this out, with one writing: “#cbb Mark my words *FIX ALERT* - sharon was told to save zeze. Tomorrow fern and Lauren will be saved by the public, leaving Louis evicted and Sharon will walk out with him. Fixed from the very beginning @itv.”

“The public don't like zeze, this stinks of a fix,” a second added, while another penned: “Louis and Sharon thinking they’re on X factor now #cbb.”

“The difference is sharon would be fine without louis in the house, whereas if sharon went i don’t think louis would cope too well… #cbb #cbbuk,” a fourth argued.

“You watch Louis leave with Sharon tomoz seems rigged tbh #cbb,” someone else fumed.

Another added: “If Sharon leaves tomorrow.. it’s poetic she leaves with Louis #CBBUK #CBB.” (sic)

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