ITV CBB fans rejoice as Kate Middleton's uncle becomes FIRST housemate booted off show

ITV CBB fans rejoice as Kate Middleton's uncle becomes FIRST housemate booted off show

Gary Goldsmith says Prince William has 'olive' branch' out for Harry

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 08/03/2024

- 22:40

Gary Goldsmith lasted five days in the Big Brother house

Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary Goldsmith was the first celebrity to be booted from the Big Brother house after facing the public vote.

Sharon Osbourne put Goldsmith up for eviction during Wednesday night's show after claiming she thought he felt uncomfortable and insecure in the house.

Goldsmith was up for eviction alongside Lauren Simon who was nominated by her fellow housemates – leaving her to breakdown in tears.

During the tense moment, hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best went live to the Big Brother House and reminded them to not swear.

After letting Simon and Goldsmith sweat, Odudu announced Goldsmith had been evicted from the house and had to say his goodbyes, before meeting them at the bottom of the lift.

Viewers of the show were left thrilled to see that Goldsmith was finally booted out, as his arrival came with a lot of controversy.

Gary Goldsmith

Gary spoke about his experience on the show


Taking to their X accounts to express their happiness for his eviction, one user expressed: “Now that Gary's left, it's actually CELEBRITY big brother house.”

“Bye Kate’s uncle,” another simply penned before a third exclaimed: “THANK YOU BRITISH PUBLIC!!!”

Another pleased fan noted: “No shocks at Gary being Evicted he came he said nothing he left.”

“Just warming up my violin ready to watch Gary’s exit interview,” one user joked before a sixth said: “GARY FIRST OUT!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH.”

Gary Goldsmith

Gary was booed as he came down the stairs


Another admitted: “No surprises there - boring housemate, terrible political views and not a celebrity!” (sic)

Goldsmith, Odudu and Best moved over to their sister show Late and Live to discuss his experience in the show and how he feels about being first out.

He explained: “I have just been on Big Brother. Little old me, I had the best time. I went in with one agenda and achieved it and absolutely smashed it.

“Lauren is amazing, funny and that was the first TV programme I have ever done. The guys were way more comfortable in that surrounding.

Gary Goldsmith

Gary Goldsmith was the first to be evicted


“Something like this is a million miles away and took me a while to acclimatise. I was agreeing with everything that she said [Sharon Osbourne].

“I don’t consider myself as a celebrity and I happen to be related to someone who is a big celebrity. Was I comfortable from day one? Absolutely not.”

He went on to admit that the comments Osbourne made about him being insecure made him retreat from getting to know his fellow housemates more.

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