Gemma Atkinson hits back at vile 'mum-shaming' trolls as she shares horrific messages

Gemma Atkinson mum shamed

Gemma Atkinson hits back at mum-shaming social media messages

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 10/08/2023

- 17:33

Updated: 10/08/2023

- 19:18

The former Emmerdale star has addressed the abusive comments she's received since giving birth to her son last month

Gemma Atkinson is currently recovering at home after welcoming her son Thiago via a C-section last month.

The former Strictly Come Dancing star has been open and honest with her fanbase throughout her recovery as she shares regular updates on how motherhood is going this around.

Atkinson already shares daughter Mia with her partner Gorka Marquez and has been helped by her mum since giving birth with her other half having to head off to Strictly rehearsals.

However, after photos emerged of Atkinson and her mother taking a stroll, she's revealed the abuse she's faced as a result.

Taking to Instagram to explain in a series of clips, Atkinson said: "So me and my mum went out the other day and a guy papped us.

"I have no issues (with it), he's doing his job. They wait at the bottom of the street, they did it when me and Gorka got engaged and I was pregnant.

"I understand they've been told, 'Oh, get a picture', so no I'm not doing it from a point of, 'I'm annoyed', or whatever."

Gemma Atkinson Instagram

Gemma Atkinson explained the ordeal in a series of clips on Instagram


She explained: "It was just funny how everything about the article was very, very incorrect. And we were laughing because the article said that we were on a shopping spree, we weren't.

"The truth is we were walking to the doctors which is about five-minute walk and I need some steroid cream - well I needed, I have some now, for my pile. It's not gone.

"So I had an appointment at the doctors to pick that up and I'm still in these dresses because when I wear trousers my scar area rubs.

"My mum was pushing the pram because it's quite hilly where I live. So downhill I could push him, uphill it was a little bit tender and I don't wanna overdo it."

Atkinson then explained how she went on her phone soon after receiving the medication to check its ingredients when she stumbled across the pictures online.

However, her attention was piqued by the online messages she received as she went on: "Anyway, my point is people message me a lot of DMs. Obviously, it's lovely - some are lovely, some are horrible, whatever.

"I've already had one today kicking off that Thiago shouldn't be in the sun...

"Anyway so people were messaging me, I got one saying how lazy I was letting my mum push the pram. I got another one saying you used to be fit and you're still fat.

"So I was thinking all of this has come from an article that wasn't true," Atkinson said. "Obviously I'm used to it, it's you know, whatever.

"But I thought, 'Do I tell my mum or not?' Anyway, I said to her, I went, 'Mum, do you know when we went to the doctors the other day? We got papped'."

Atkinson explained what she meant by the term "papped" before she revealed she told her mum she felt she looked "horrendous" before showing her mum the snaps.

Gemma Atkinson hospital

Gemma Atkinson gave birth to her son in July


However, Atkinson wasn't expecting her mum to reply by saying "I actually look okay", before telling her daughter: "Yeah, you do look awful."

The actor then burst into laughter as she recalled how she and her mum laughed at the pictures.

However, the moment was bittersweet as Atkinson continued: "I just thought how bl**dy lucky you are to have friends and family around you who can see the fun side of stuff.

"Because if I had been on my own reading those kinds of messages - 'Oh, you used to be fit, you're lazy, this and that' - I would've been like, 'Oh, my God'. Especially with a three-week-old baby, your hormones are like that anyway."

Atkinson then encouraged her followers to check in on fellow new mums to see if they're okay because "there's always mum-shamers online".

She even revealed one follower messaged her to "kick-off" about calling her son "little man" instead of using his name.

Atkinson captioned the final clip in the series by admitting: "Since being a mum I always imagine ppl saying the things they say to me, to Mia and it's awful to think that she could one day be made to feel s**tty by a stranger." (sic)

Despite the vile messages, Atkinson put on a defiant front as she claimed she couldn't give a "rat's flute" what people say online to her.

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