Dan Walker fiercely defends GB News' Lee Anderson as woke trolls attack pair: 'The bile is bonkers!'

Lee Anderson and Dan Walker

Lee Anderson and Dan Walker has sat down for a new interview

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 30/08/2023

- 13:39

The former BBC presenter branded the bizarre trolling he's received over an upcoming chat with the MP as "bile"

GB News presenter and Deputy Chair of the Conservative Party Lee Anderson has taken time away from his Real World show to speak with Dan Walker.

The former BBC Breakfast presenter shared a snap of himself alongside Anderson enjoying a tea and some scones on his Twitter page to promote the interview.

Walker headed to Anderson's Ashfield constituency to talk to the MP about the issues facing the country right now.

In a tweet to his 800.2k followers, Walker attached the photo with the GB News star and penned: "Spent the morning with @LeeAndersonMP_ in his Ashfield constituency in Nottinghamshire.

"It’s the latest in our ‘People Behind Politics’ series and we talk about… everything!"

He then added the interview was set to be broadcast on Thursday but soon after sending the tweet, left-leaning trolls took aim at the presenter for speaking to Anderson.

Lee Anderson on Lee Anderson's Real World

Lee Anderson presents Real World on GB News every Friday

GB News

Among the bizarre backlash were comments questioning Walker's credibility for interviewing Anderson as well as some going as far as to claim they'd be boycotting Walker's show.

As a result, Walker decided to hit back at the nonsensical uproar he'd inadvertently prompted, slamming the hypocrisy of those who've complained.

"The bile surrounding this post is bonkers," Walker began alongside a head-exploding emoji.

He went on: "He’s the deputy chair of the ruling party! The whole point of our ‘People Behind Politics’ series is that we talk to MPs of all persuasions.

"The insults & threats on here are saturated in the prejudice the authors claim to detest," he highlighted.

Walker went on to share a second tweet in response to the backlash in which he wrote: "I’ve never interviewed a politician who expects everyone to agree with them but they all know that their views & policies will be challenged."

Anderson, on the other hand, turned the other cheek as he appeared to ignore the trolling attached to Walker's post when he took to his own page to address the interview.

"The Real Me," he simply tweeted. "Get to see me in Ashfield talking to constituents about the issues they face."

Walker was interviewing Anderson for Channel 5 News while Anderson will be back on GB News on Friday evening to present Lee Anderson's Real World.

Walker made the switch to Channel 5 last year after ditching the BBC after 18 years at the corporation.

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