Eamonn Holmes hilariously halts show after cheeky Ruth Langsford complaint: 'Is that okay Ms Langsford?'

Eamonn Holmes hilariously halts show after cheeky Ruth Langsford complaint: 'Is that okay Ms Langsford?'
Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 30/08/2023

- 08:42

Updated: 30/08/2023

- 08:45

Eamonn's other half Ruth Langsford got in touch with Breakfast on Wednesday morning

Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel was packed full of the latest headlines and topical debates once again on Wednesday morning.

However, taking a brief respite from the news cycle, hosts Isabel Webster and Eamonn Holmes shared a laugh when the latter addressed a "viewer" complaint.

As the cameras returned to the studio following a weather report, Holmes could be seen standing up while a member of the GB News crew adjusted his chair.

"Maria, will you come in here," Holmes asked while Webster began to chuckle.

The Breakfast presenter soon explained: "The reason I'm standing up here, is we've had a viewer complaint..."

Webster then spotted the crew member was actually appearing on-screen while she made adjustments to Holmes' chair, prompting her to laugh and point out: "She's in the shot!"

Holmes also saw the funny side as he joked: "Right, Maria, you lower my chair without me falling off and killing myself.

"But the reason we're doing this is because a viewer complained," Holmes continued as Webster asked: "Which viewer was that?"

Holmes quipped: "Her name's Ms Ruth Langsford. And she's phoned in to say she doesn't like the position of my seat..."

Webster let out a chuckle before she agreed with Langsford: "Yeah but didn't your telly wife already complain about it but you ignored me so I'm glad you listened to wifey."

Laughter continued in the studio as Holmes lowered himself back into his chair.

He remarked: "If I fall off.... is it alright? I don't know. Push me in, Maria.

"See people think these things happen easily," Holmes said before he addressed his wife's cheeky request.

"Is that okay, Ms Langsford? Is that okay?" Holmes said with a smirk. "That meets your requirements?"

Webster weighed in as she cheerfully remarked: "I'm happy so Ruth will be happy."

As Holmes got himself comfortable, he checked his appearance on the screen: "So my head's gotta be level..."

And once everything was sorted, the Breakfast host shot a smile as he turned to Webster: "So you're happy, my TV wife's happy, my real wife's happy, viewers are you happy?"

As laughter died down in the studio, Holmes and Webster welcomed sports reporter Paul Coyte onto the show to go over the latest news in the sporting world.

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