'Christian Horner has taken Geri Halliwell for granted!' Perez Hilton blasts F1 boss

'Christian Horner has taken Geri Halliwell for granted!' Perez Hilton blasts F1 boss

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 07/03/2024

- 16:01

Christian Horner was cleared of allegations of misconduct by Red Bull last week

F1 Boss Christian Horner has been accused of "taking wife Geri for granted" by Perez Hilton, as his scandal with Red Bull rumbles on.

Horner was cleared of allegations of misconduct last week, after a complaint was made by a female colleague.

In a statement, the racing giants said their independent investigation into the allegations made against Horner "is complete", and the grievance has now "been dismissed".

It comes as the accuser was also suspended from her position at Red Bull in a new twist in the saga.

Geri and Christian Horner and Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton claims Christian Horner has 'taken Geri for granted'

PA / GBN America

Horner's wife, Spice Girls star Geri Halliwell, has publicly maintained her support for her husband, holding hands with him as they showed a united front at the recent Bahrain Grand Prix.

She is also said to be in attendance at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, following the colleague's suspension.

Speaking to GBN America, American commentator Perez Hilton questioned why Horner would "take Geri for granted" and add pressure to their marriage, as he faces the allegations.

Hilton added that Formula 1 is a "huge deal worldwide", and the allegations are drawing "even more attention" to the sport.

Christian Horner and Geri Halliwell

Horner was accused of 'misconduct' with a female colleague at Red Bull Racing


Hilton told GBN America: "Dumb dudes are going to say dumb things. It's wholly inappropriate."


He explained: "What's troubling to me is that just a few weeks ago, the company that he's a part of, Red Bull Racing, did an internal investigation and they determined that nothing inappropriate happened.

"But if we are to believe that these texts, which I don't want to repeat, I think that's inappropriate. How could they determine nothing inappropriate happened? I read these alleged exchanges and that to me seems very inappropriate for a supervisor or anybody to say in a professional setting."

Host Nana Akua argued that some of the alleged messages and accusations may have been "manufactured" and "not completely true".

She suggested: "It's quite a competitive area, and apparently one of the bosses doesn't really like him, they kind of want to get rid of him. But apparently he's very good at his job. I can't fully take it seriously that this is definitely true."

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton says the alleged messages were 'inappropriate'

GBN America

Nana asked Hilton: "You've got Ginger Spice, Why would you do that? He's kind of got everything. It doesn't really add up as far as I can see."

Hilton agreed, replying: "If you look back 20 years ago, something similar happened with Victoria Beckham and David allegedly cheating on her.

"Sometimes men are going to do dumb things and women too, it doesn't have to do anything with gender. People make mistakes and it doesn't necessarily mean the end of the marriage for Geri and her husband.

"But like you said, it all depends on the veracity of the claims."

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