Met Office issues yellow weather warning as it warns drivers to take precautions on roads

Met Office issues yellow weather warning as it warns drivers to take precautions on roads

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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 31/03/2024

- 12:22

Updated: 31/03/2024

- 13:20

Heavy rain is set to cause disruption for motorists over Easter Sunday

The Met Office has issued a warning for rain as they urge motorists to take care on roads.

The yellow warning is in place for the South West and Bristol and is expected to last for the rest of the day.

A spokesperson from the Met Office said: "Heavy rain may cause some travel disruption and difficult driving conditions."

They added that bus and train services may be affected with journey times taking longer. For motorists, spray and flooding on roads probably making journey times longer.

Forecast map

The latest forecast from NetWeather


The current forecast from the Met Office for the remainder of Easter Sunday says there will be: "Spells of rain, some heavy across southern, central and eastern England, pushing into Wales later.

"[It will be] drier in Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland with clear spells and fog patches developing."

Looking ahead to Easter Monday, forecasters say it is set to be largely dry in the north with sunnier spells in the northwest.

It is set to be cloudier elsewhere with rain, heavy at times pushing northwards plus heavier showers developing in the south, though feeling rather warm.


Driving in snow

There could be disruption for motorists in the south West


Looking ahead into next week, it is set to be a largely unsettled and cloudy week, with showers and longer spells of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.

However, current forecasts suggest it will be drier to the north of England and Scotland.

Temperatures are expected to remain average with rain arriving from the West later in the week.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist Dan Harris said: "[There will be] A further spell through early April of unsettled weather focussed particularly across southern areas; best chance of any more settled conditions, and probably colder conditions, will be across the north of the UK."

The Met Office is advising people to take care when driving in heavy rain.

A spokesperson said: "Keep an eye out for gaps between trees, buildings or bridges over a river or railway – these are some of the places you are more likely to be exposed to side winds. Ensure that you maintain enough room either side of your vehicle so you can account for it being blown sideways.

"Roads will be more slippery than usual in wet weather – be sure to give yourself more time to react when approaching a hazard. Increase your following gap to at least four seconds from the moving traffic in front.

"Keep your eyes peeled on the road at all times as spray from other vehicles can suddenly reduce your visibility. Remember it affects others too, so anticipate their actions and be prepared."

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