'Won't go where I'm not wanted!' Britons boycott Tenerife over anti-tourist feeling in Spain - 'we'll leave and watch their economy collapse'

Tenerife / Holidaymakers drinking

Britons said: 'They want to stop the very thing that keeps their economy going'

Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 03/04/2024

- 13:24

Some Britons said they will be ditching Tenerife in favour of Greece and Portugal

Tenerife, Canary Islands, is a beautiful sunny paradise and a popular choice for Britons wanting to get away from the UK.

However, some anti-tourist feelings on the island have left some Britons feeling disgruntled and boycotting the destination.

Tourists were recently told to get out of Tenerife by some locals who argued that they are noisy, cause pollution by littering, and have driven up the cost of rent for residents.

Holidaymakers have been met with signs reading "Tourists go home" and "Too many guiris" (meaning uncouth foreign tourists).

Boats in water in Tenerife

Tourists have recently received backlash from Tenerife locals


But some British holidaymakers have bitten back, claiming that tourism is what keeps the economy afloat in Tenerife.

One person told GB News: "They want to stop the very thing that keeps their economy going."

Another suggested: "Simple, just don't go, plenty of other sunny places to go and spend money, see how long the moaning goes on when no money coming into the area.

"It's the same all over, happy to see your money but not you. Airbnb's have got nothing to do with tourists. Blame your own people or local government who sell these properties."

A third added: "Same in Barcelona, just stop going and see what they do then." One more said: "Leave and watch their economy collapse."

"Won't go where I'm not wanted, I can spend my money anywhere," another holidaymaker threatened.

Another said: "They should be careful what they wish for. I genuinely believe if Brits suddenly stopped going, their economy would be in bits within six months. Stop going is what I say."

Some suggested ditching holidays in Tenerife for ones elsewhere. One told holidaymakers to go to Greece instead, claiming that it's "friendlier". Another suggested Portugal for the same reason.

One holidaymaker recommended Zanzibar - "better weather, much better beaches and warmer sea". Another claimed that Madeira is "more appreciative of its tourists".

One Briton suggested that a staycation is always a good option: "Go to Blackpool - it’s great fun and money is used locally - it needs all the help it can get."



'I genuinely believe if Brits suddenly stopped going, their economy would be in bits within six months'


Some Britons empathised with the locals in Tenerife and understood why there might be anti-tourist sentiment.

One said: "I can understand this - increasing prices for the locals, living accommodation getting scarcer and expensive. Living in these conditions is hard, it’s the same in our coastal towns and resorts, locals are priced out."

Another admitted that Brits abroad may not always be the most well-mannered. They said: "Look, most Brits are an embarrassment abroad. They go overboard, can't handle their drink - you can have a great time without being a t*** you know."

One Tenerife resident backed British tourists: "The Canarian and Spanish folk like the British more than any other nationality. Most Brits are very polite and always leave good tips when eating out or jumping in a cab. Yes, we get a lot of tourists who sit in a bar in search of a euro a pint and sunbathe most of the day but that’s up to them. Brits are big spenders and happy folk whilst here."

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