British expats are heading to a beautiful European country with lots of sunny beaches for a happier life

Malaga Spain

Malaga was voted the best place to live

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 28/11/2023

- 09:22

Expats could be happier if moving to one European country, a study has found

There are lots of reasons to move abroad, from new opportunities to a change of scenery.

Cities in Spain were voted some of the best place to move for expats to feel "at home and happy".

Spain is popular with Britons and there are lots of British communities in the country.

There are many reasons to move to Spain, from the sunny beaches to warmer weather.

Valencia Spain

Valencia in Spain is one of the happiest places to be


It has been voted as the best for quality of life in a 2023 study by InterNations.

Some 88 per cent of expats are happy with the culture and nightlife and 91 per cent are happy with their opportunities for recreational sports.

"I love the sea, beach, weather, and sporting activities. I don’t need a car to get around with the great public transportation," one expat explained.

A total of 53 countries were ranked to find the best for expats.

It looked at factors such as ease of settling in, personal finances, ease of working abroad and quality of life. Spain ranked 2nd overall, coming second to Mexico.

Expats in Spain have a happiness level of 87 per cent, well above the global average of 72 per cent.

Where should you move?

The study showed the global cities where expats could be happiest were all in Spain.

Malaga took the number one spot, followed by Alicante and Valencia.

Malaga was found to be "particularly friendly towards foreign residents" and it had a high quality of life.

Beach in Spain

Spain has lots of beautiful beaches


Alicante was the city where expats found the most affordable housing.

Those in Valencia could take advantage of healthcare as it was voted the best for this.

The affordability and availability of healthcare ranked among the best worldwide.

The UK was considered in the study and ranked highly for work opportunities.

Speaking of moving to the UK, an Italian expat said: "What I love best about the UK is the opportunity to improve my work situation."

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