The cheapest scenic spot for a last-minute winter break is beautiful European city - full list

Cathedral in Prague and Bridges over river in Prague

Prague was voted as the best place for a scenic and affordable trip

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 11/02/2024

- 09:00

The cheapest places for a last minute February break have been shared

The most affordable areas to visit for a scenic winter break have been shared.

This considered the best snowy spots for a picturesque trip and where was affordable for travellers.

Experts at Snow+Rock looked at the costs, number of Instagram hashtags and average days of snowfall each city has.

European spots Prague and Stockholm were voted as the top two places to visit this month.

Bridges over river in Prague

It had the cheapest flights and affordable hotels


Best destination for last minute trip

1. Prague, Czech Republic

2. Stockholm, Sweden

3. Detroit, USA

4. Vilnius, Lithuania

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

6. Helsinki, Finland

7. Denver, USA

8. Sapporo, Japan

9. Riga, Latvia

10. Kaunas, Lithuania

Prague was voted the top spot with an average of 11 snowy days in February and an impressive 18,836,551 Instagram tags.

Prague was also the most affordable place to visit, with the cheapest return flights, at around £165, and second cheapest accommodation on the list, at around £18 per room for a three star hotel.

Prague is a full of beautiful historical building and landmarks that look stunning when taking a stroll in the snow.

If heading for a winter break, it is important to be prepared with plenty of warm clothing.

View of Stockholm city in Sweden

Stockholm came second in the list


CEO at Outdoor and Cycle Concepts, the parent company of Snow+Rock, Greg Nieuwenhuys said: “If you are planning on visiting any of these beautiful snowy cities, make sure you’ve got thermals, insulated coats and accessories like hats and gloves to keep you warm.

"For layers of clothing beneath your insulated coat, try to go for warm materials like merino wool or polyester as they're best for keeping in heat without making you uncomfortable."

If looking to book a warmer break, the 10 best Mediterranean cruise stops have been shared.

Cities that are full of history and sandy white beaches all made the list.

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