British travellers holidaying in Brazil given warning amid rise in ‘criminal activity’ - where to avoid

Brazil seaside city

Tourists visiting Brazil have been warned about 'criminal activity' in four areas

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 02/04/2024

- 16:19

Tourists visiting Brazil have been warned about 'criminal activity' in four areas

Brazil, home to one of the world’s seven wonders, beckons hundreds of thousands of Britons annually with its cultural gems but a warning has now been shared.

Whether visitors expect to visit landmarks like Christ the Redeemer or white sandy beaches, there is an impressive variety of landscapes to discover.

Tourists visiting Brazil’s unique Amazonas region have now been warned not to visit the area amid an uptick in criminal activity, however.

The Foreign Commonwealth Office has advised against “all but essential travel” to four region's areas.

Amazon jungle trees

​Four regions along Brazil's Amazon River could be dangerous for visitors 


The four regions concerned are:

  • Along the Amazonas (Amazon) Rivers and its tributaries west of the town of Codajas and eat of the town of Belem do Solimoes in Amazonas State.
  • Along any part of the Itaquai River in Amazonas State
  • Along any part of the Japura River or its tributaries in Amazonas State.
  • Along the Rio Negro (Black Riber and its tributaries north or west of the town of Barclos in Amazonas State.

The FCO warns: “There are risks to travellers in the Amazonas River regions, where Brazil shares borders with Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, due to criminal activity.

“Armed groups, including pirates and drug traffickers, travel by the riber routes in the Amazonas state where there is low presence of police and local authorities.

“Be aware of safety procedures on board vessels and check the location of life jacks, including for children if travelling with them. Boat accidents on the Amazon River are not uncommon."

Travellers who ignore the FCO's advice could see their travel insurance invalidated if they visit the area, it warned.

It comes as British travellers have also been alerted to theft in the northeast region of Brazil.

The statement read: “The most common incidents affecting British nationals in north-east Brazil are theft from hotel and motel rooms and muggings.

“Reduce the risk of being mugged by avoiding quiet or deserted areas and by using taxis after sunset instead of walking."

It comes weeks after the UK government told Britons to be aware of political demonstrations in Cyprus.


British passport and map

British nationals have been warned against all but essential travel to four areas in Brazil's Amazonian region


The advice is for people travelling with British Citizen passports from the UK, who were warned that Cyprus has political demonstration risks.

The government's website stated: "Demonstrations may occur with little or no warning in cities.

"Events in the Middle East have led to heightened tensions and demonstrations are likely.

"Avoid any protests, political gatherings or marches and leave the area if one develops. Local transport routes may be disrupted."

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