Tennis star Carlos Alcaraz reveals 'only opinion' on controversial Spain FA chief Luis Rubiales

Tennis Carlos Alcaraz

Tennis star Carlos Alcaraz has weighed in on Luis Rubiales Spain row

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 31/08/2023

- 09:17

The 20-year-old has spoken out while playing at the US Open

Carlos Alcaraz has claimed his 'only opinion' on Luis Rubiales is that the Spain FA chief shouldn't have kissed Jenni Hermoso.

The 46-year-old has been widely condemned ever since the incident, which took place after La Roja's 1-0 Women's World Cup final win over England earlier this month.

And Alcaraz has now spoken out, expressing a belief that Rubiales was wrong for his kiss - while also saying that was the 'only opinion' he's willing to give.

"My opinion is that it is not behaviour that should be shown by someone in a high position," stated the Spaniard.

Spain Luis Rubiales

Spain FA chief Luis Rubiales has refused to resign after Jenni Hermoso kiss


"That's the only opinion that I am going to give on the matter and we hope it is resolved soon because the women's team has achieved something historic and that they have not been given as much credit for what they've done is a shame."

Rubiales was also criticised for grabbing his crotch with both hands as Spain put England to the sword.

However, while he apologised for kissing Hermoso, he's flatly refused to quit.

"Do you think this [incident] is so serious that I should go, after the best management in the history of Spanish football?" he said at a press conference last week.

"Let me tell you: I'm not going to resign. I'm not going to resign. I'm not going to resign.

"I've come under a lot of pressure. Perhaps somebody will look to remove me on Monday.

"But we live in a country of laws. Is a consensual kiss enough to remove me? I'm going to fight until the end.

"I hope the law is followed, and that as there's no reason to [remove me], it won't happen."

Rubiales' mother has staged a hunger strike in protest.

But she's now set to keep a low profile after being taken to hospital on Wednesday.

As for Alcaraz, the 20-year-old is currently focused on winning the US Open.

The youngster, who won Wimbledon last month, went through to the second round after opponent Dominik Koepfer retired because of injury.

Speaking after his win, Alcaraz sympathised with his opponent while also saying he was happy with his performance.

"It's obviously not the best way to get through to the next round," he stated.

"It's very unfortunate for him but I was feeling really good on court. It's a court I love playing on. I felt the same energy I felt last year."

And Alcaraz also admitted he was eager to regain the world No 1 ranking, with Novak Djokovic currently back on top.

"It's a goal for me," he continued.

"I said before that we are having a really good battle for the No 1, Novak and I.

"I knew that he was going to recover the No. 1 after US Open. When the tournament is over, I will try to recover as soon as possible. That's my goal. I am working for that.

"The season has a lot of tournaments until the year is over. I'll try to recover it before the year ends."


Carlos Alcaraz tennis

Carlos Alcaraz is hoping to win the US Open for a second time


Alcaraz will now go up against South African Lloyd Harris in the secound round.

He's also hoping to become the first player to retain the US Open since Roger Federer, who won the competition five times in a row between 2004 and 2008.

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