Matt Le Tissier calls out Sky Sports and says he lost job because of Covid views

Matt le Tissier coronavirus

Matt Le Tissier has claimed he lost his job at Sky Sports because of his views on Covid

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 02/08/2023

- 09:58

Matt Le Tissier has claimed he lost his job at Sky Sports because of his views on the coronavirus pandemic.

The 54-year-old, who starred for Southampton during his playing days, previously said PCR tests were 'the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on mankind'.

Le Tissier also said dying Covid patients in Italy were 'actors' and labelled government lockdowns 'an injustice'.

Now, speaking to Mark Dolan on Mark Dolan Tonight, he's claimed he lost his job at Sky because of his Covid views.

Coronavirus Covid

Matt Le Tissier was suspicious of Covid from the start


"I guess the price people will probably point to is I lost my job. Sky may tell you something different," he said.

"They told me they just wanted to take the show in a different direction but they didn't deny that it had something to do with my posts on social media.

"So, possibly my job. I guess in the early days probably my family and close friends thought I'd gone a bit mad because I was kind of going against the narrative and they thought I had mental health issues, quite frankly.

"I knew that I didn't and thankfully I stuck to my guns and what's transpired over the last two or three years - a lot of them have now come to realise that I wasn't mad and that I was actually talking a lot of sense.

"I wasn't right about everything but I was right about a lot of things."

Le Tissier also revealed he had concerns over the legitimacy of Covid from day one.

"From the moment the videos came out of China with people collapsing in the street," he said.

"That's the moment I went 'that doesn't look genuine, that doesn't look real.'

"It's never happened anywhere else in the world.

"But those videos were why we had to shut down the economy and ruined a whole bunch of people's lives from the lower and middle classes and make the people at the top richer."

Le Tissier also revealed he hasn't seen a doctor ever since the coronavirus crisis.

"I have no idea (how I survived the pandemic)," he said. "I have not seen a doctor in the last three and a half years, it's remarkable. Even if I needed one (appointment) I would have to wait a long time anyway."

While Le Tissier claims Sky sacked him because of his views, the broadcaster insisted at the time that it was simply down to the need to make changes.

"We are changing some parts of our football coverage – Matt, Charlie and Phil have done a great job for us over the years, and they will leave us with our sincere thanks and very best wishes," they said.

Le Tissier previously told William Hill last year that he was unhappy with the diversity push from Sky.

"What drove the changes? Once Comcast had bought Sky, it changed overnight," he said in June.

"All of sudden, it was diversity and inclusion and all that stuff. I guess we kind of saw it coming.

"It was partially to do with my views on Black Lives Matter and not wearing the badge on Sky. I don't think that went down very well.


Matt Le Tissier

Matt Le Tissier was a key player for Southampton during his football career


"I was quite critical about the mainstream media on my social media."

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