Lewis Hamilton claims 'several sources' have confirmed shocking F1 news after US Grand Prix drama

Lewis Hamilton F1 news

Lewis Hamilton has claimed 'several sources' have said other cars ran illegal floors at the F1 US Grand Prix

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 27/10/2023

- 08:21

The Brit had finished second before he was stripped of his ranking

Lewis Hamilton has claimed 'several sources' have informed him other cars were running illegal floors at the US Grand Prix on Sunday.

The Brit enjoyed a fruitful race in Texas, finishing second behind Red Bull star Max Verstappen.

But Hamilton was later stripped of his ranking in a catastrophic blow.

And the 38-year-old, speaking ahead of Sunday's Mexican Grand Prix, has now accused rivals of breaking the rules as well.

Lewis Hamilton F1 news

Lewis Hamilton had finished second behind Max Verstappen at the F1 US Grand Prix


"I heard from several sources that there were a lot of other cars that were illegal and they were not tested so they got away with it," he said.

"I have been racing here for 16 years and there have been many other scenarios like this where some people have got away with it, and some have been unlucky and been tested.

"There needs to be a better structure to make sure it is fair and even across the board."

Hamilton has struggled in F1 this season.

It has been Verstappen who has led the way, with the 25-year-old winning the title for the third year on the trot.

Hamilton's car was one of four picked at random by the FIA.

Defending the decision to investigate the Brit, the F1 governing body insisted that 'limited resources meant not all the cars' floors could be measured in a timely manner'.

Recalling his experience in America, Hamilton said: "I had just come out of the press conference and was about to get into the ice tub when Toto (Wolff) came running down and told me.

"It was devastating because it was such a great day and a great race.

"I didn't find out fully until I was home.

"I was deflated but there were a lot of positives to take from the day.

"We have never had that problem in Austin before.

"It is because we had a sprint race and the car was set from Friday morning, which isn't right, especially at the bumpiest track.

"That is the only reason there were failures. An easy fix is that we should be able to change the floors.

"The (plank illegality) wasn't the reason we were as fast as we were, and we hope for another strong weekend here."

Verstappen, meanwhile, has also been asked about the controversy in America.

And when asked if Mercedes can be a threat for next year, the 25-year-old said: “I can’t comment on next year.

“But you have to take into account Austin, with the bumps and the Sprint format, after one practice session you have to setup the car, and it’s a bit more of a hit and miss.

“From our side I think we went too conservative, too safe, and they clearly went too aggressive.

"That’s how they of course got excluded.

F1 Max Verstappen

F1 champion Max Verstappen claims Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes were 'too aggressive' at the US Grand Prix


"We know that when we drop the car you gain performance, but with all these big bumps around here you have to be a bit careful.

“Looking back at the weekend, we were probably not at our strongest for those kinds of reasons.

"So, it’s a bit difficult to say.

"For sure from the beginning of the year to now, the teams behind us have been catching up, for sure, but how much?

“It’s also every weekend seems a bit different, sometimes they are closer, sometimes they are further away, and like I said next year impossible to comment on.”

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