Premier League 'has written to clubs to warn of potential terror attack' with action set to be taken

Premier League 'has written to clubs to warn of potential terror attack' with action set to be taken

WATCH NOW: Sports round-up as Premier League warn of potential terror attack

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 01/04/2024

- 08:19

Updated: 01/04/2024

- 08:42

Clubs have received guidance on the situation

The Premier League has reportedly written to its clubs to warn them of the potential of a terror attack following comments made by Islamic State spokesperson Abu Hudhaifa al-Ansari.

Moscow was recently attacked, with at least 137 people gunned down by four men - who have since been charged with terrorism.

After the attack, Islamic State took responsibility, with the group then calling for 'lone wolves' to target Christians and Jews across Europe, America and Israel during the month of Ramadan.

And the Daily Mail say the Premier League has now written to its clubs to provide guidance.

Richard Masters Premier League

Richard Masters is head of the Premier League with the top flight warning teams of a potential terror attack


It's said those based in London have been told to 'be on their guard' after an Iranian journalist was stabbed in the capital.

Counter-terrorism officers are investigating the incident.

Ahead of the Easter fixtures on Saturday morning, top flight teams were reportedly urged to 'increase vigilance'.

They have also been called to increase reporting of any suspicious activity, while they've been urged to issue briefings to staff to ensure they are aware of the situation.

Teams were informed that the attack on Moscow was 'a recent example of the large complex attacks still taking place in the western world.'

Following the tragedy in Russia, the threat level in France was increased.

The UK is closely monitoring the situation, with the current terror threat level 'substantial'.

On Saturday, Germany Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said dangers have risen 'to a new level' ahead of the European Championships in the country this summer.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: "We are pooling the forces of the security authorities even more strongly for the Euros and are preparing for all possible dangers.

“This is necessary to protect this major international event in the best possible way.

“The security of the tournament is paramount.”

She added: “One thing can be said for sure - the dangers have reached a new level.

“The state is arming itself even more strongly against all current threats.

“This ranges from protection against Islamists and other ­potential violent criminals to the security of our networks against cyber attacks.”

The newspaper says there are 'drastic steps' being taken to protect supporters during the competition.


Moscow terror attack

Moscow was recently targeted by terrorists with at least 137 people killed


Plans are being devised to temporarily close borders and 'ramp up' frontier checks.

British police are also set to jet out to Germany for the tournament, with a 'ring of steel' to be thrown around every team base.

England players and coaching staff are set to stay at the Weimarer Land Golf Resort and Spa in Blankenhain.

Though WAGS are set to be based 20 miles away during the competition, they'll be given protection as well.

Author and terrorism expert Neil Doyle, speaking to the publication, admitted drones were a concern - having been used in the Ukraine war and by extremists in Gaza, Temen, Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

Germany Euro 2024

Germany are preparing to host Euro 2024 with the country making plans to protect people at the tournament


He said: “Euro 2024 represents a major target for groups looking to mount mass casualty attacks for revenge and global headlines.

“The use of drones will be a major concern as they have become a new feature of modern warfare, as seen in Ukraine.

“Germany as a location in itself is also attractive as it has backed Ukraine with arms and equipment.”

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