Joey Barton accuses Alex Scott of putting BBC show 'in the ground' and 'boring people to death'

Joey Barton accuses Alex Scott of putting BBC show 'in the ground' and 'boring people to death'

WATCH NOW: Joey Barton goes on ANOTHER rant about female pundits

Lewis Winter

By Lewis Winter

Published: 01/03/2024

- 13:10

The ex-Premier League star has given another strong opinion on the presenter

Joey Barton says Alex Scott is putting Football Focus 'in the ground' in another scathing blast at the BBC presenter and former England footballer.

Barton claims Scott has a degree in 'boring people to death' after previously saying she has no 'authority' to give an opinion on men's football.

Barton grabbed headlines last December when he revealed his hugely controversial opinion on women's pundits in men's football.

He has since taken aim at the likes of Eni Aluko, claiming the former England star and Lucy Ward are the 'Fred and Rose West of commentary'.

Alex Scott and Joey Barton

Joey Barton has accused Alex Scott of putting Football Focus 'in the ground'


Barton has continued his tirade on women pundits in recent weeks and Scott has again been back in the firing line.

Scott, who won 140 caps for England, has presented BBC's long-running show Football Focus since replacing Dan Walker in 2021.

The Daily Mail reported last September that the programme was in danger of being cancelled due to plummeting viewing figures.

And Barton believes Scott would be responsible if it does get the boot.

Speaking on his Common Sense podcast, Barton said: "Footy Focus, Saturday morning, my X is blowing up because Alex Scott is marmalizing another programme.

"She's about to put Football Focus, which is a flagship thing, in the ground. We've got her to thank for that.

"And then people coming back to me saying she's got a degree in sports journalism. I'm like 'Who gives a f***, she's f****** crap, who cares?'

"She hasn't got a degree in anything, she's s****. She's got a degree in boring people to death, that's why they're turning off."

Barton reacted to a clip of his podcast on X, writing: @AlexScott is s*****. Pass it on."

Scott is yet to issue a response to Barton on social media but did fight back against the former Newcastle star in December.

After presenting a Women's Super League match between Arsenal and Chelsea, Scott showed a clear public stance against Barton's comments.

She said on December 10: "Just before we say goodbye, to all the women in football, in front of the camera, behind it, the players on the pitch, to everyone that attends games, keep being the role models that you continue to be.


Joey Barton

Joey Barton has been out of football management since leaving Bristol Rovers last October


"To all those young girls that are told no you can't, football is a better place with us all in it."

Barton reacted at the time, saying Scott doesn't 'have a clue' about men's football.

He wrote on X: "I can't say you don't know men's football? You don't. Sorry. You don't have a clue.

"And you were a really bad player compared to even a Sunday League player."

Alex Scott

Alex Scott has presented Football Focus since replacing Dan Walker in 2021


He had previously been complimentary about Scott's footballing ability but insisted she has no authority to talk about the men's game.

Barton said earlier in December: "Fantastic women’s footballer. Decorated in her game. If she’s presenting a men’s game, no problem, anchor the show.

"But, no, she isn’t qualified to talk with any authority about the men’s game in my opinion."

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