Ivan Toney reveals last time he placed a bet and discusses chasing rude fans ahead of Brentford return

Ivan Toney reveals last time he placed a bet and discusses chasing rude fans ahead of Brentford return

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 20/01/2024

- 08:44

The striker is poised to captain the Bees in their Premier League clash with Nottingham Forest on Saturday night

Ivan Toney has opened up on the last bet he placed ahead of his Brentford return today.

The forward is set to start for the Bees when they host Nottingham Forest in a crunch Premier League showdown on Saturday night.

Toney hasn't played for Brentford since a narrow 1-0 defeat to Liverpool back in May.

And he's excited to be back on the pitch at the perfect time, with his side currently being dragged into a relegation fight.

Ivan Toney

Ivan Toney is set to start when Brentford lock horns with Nottingham Forest on Saturday night


Toney was banned for nine months for breaching betting rules, in a case that shocked the footballing world.

The England international has been asked by the Daily Mail when the last time he placed a bet was - with the 27-year-old saying it was 'years ago'.

"Years ago. Yeah, so it's all sorted now," he said.

When quizzed on whether he was ever tempted to place a bet now, he added: "Not at all."

Toney also says he couldn't say how much money he'd lost through gambling.

"You just look back and look at the money you've lost and what that could have gone towards," he added.

"These kinds of things. But the more you do that, the more you drive yourself crazy.

"I literally couldn't tell you. The more I think about it, the more I dwell on the past.

"It will haunt you even more and pain you. I didn't bet on anything else apart from football. Not really.

"Maybe a horse at the Cheltenham Festival but that was it. The past is the past, so why let it hurt you?"

Toney is braced for abuse from fans, too.

He recalls an incident when he pursued a group of supporters who had heckled him during his hiatus when he was out with his family.

Toney wasn't ready to tolerate their abuse and says they bottled a confrontation when he caught up with them.

"In life, people like to bring up things to bring you down," he added.

"The people that did that in the car, I caught up with them in the car park.


Ivan Toney

Ivan Toney wants to get back to scoring goals as he prepares for Brentford return


"I drove up next to them and said 'what did you say?' and they s**t themselves and sped off.

"Everyone is all hard when you don't know who's saying it but no one has ever said anything to my face about these things.

"Everyone always says stuff in the background. I am hot-headed sometimes but if someone said that now I would just laugh. I wouldn't care.

"Everyone is going to have an opinion. I could score from now to the end of the season, 30 or 40 goals, and people would still talk about the betting rubbish, not the goals.

"That's just how life is. I can't let that stop me from being the best version of myself."

Ivan Toney

Ivan Toney is dreaming of playing for England at the Euros as he gears up for Brentford return


With the European Championships creeping closer, Toney is hopeful of playing for England on the big stage later in the year - despite everything that's happened to him over the past nine months.

He said: "It's early obviously but playing for England at the Euros is a goal. If you aim for that, then you have always got a chance of being in and around it.

"The main focus is playing well, trying to score goals, win games and get the team up the league.

"Hopefully, that can bring some attention heading towards the Euros but there are other great strikers out there and they are performing well at the moment.

"It's up to me. If I do my job correctly and do it well enough, then I put myself in the frame."

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