Tyson Fury told to 'stay away' from Oleksandr Usyk as advice given ahead of huge boxing fight

Tyson Fury told to 'stay away' from Oleksandr Usyk as advice given ahead of huge boxing fight
Usyk responds to Furys jab about him wearing earrings
Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 26/02/2024

- 15:40

The two men will face off on May 18 with millions poised to tune in to their fight

Amir Khan feels Tyson Fury should 'stay away' from Oleksandr Usyk in order to avoid his eye injury being opened up when the two men finally fight on May 18.

The pair had been due to do battle in Saudi Arabia in December, and then February, only for the showdown to be pushed back.

Fury's eye injury is to blame for the latest delay, which has frustrated fans of the sport.

The 35-year-old was caught in sparring and, due to the deep gash, boxing organisers had no choice but to call another postponement.

Tyson Fury boxing

Tyson Fury has been advised to 'stay away' from Oleksandr Usyk when they fight in Saudi Arabia in May


Fury will still fancy his chances of beating Usyk in the Middle East, especially due to his vast experience.

He has fought 14 more times than his upcoming opponent, with Fury winning 34 of his 35 bouts.

Yet Khan feels the Briton must 'stay away' from Usyk when they finally go up against each other in order to avoid more damage to his injured eye.

"I think Usyk has more of an advantage now," he told The Sun.

"Before, he always had an advantage going into this fight but now obviously he's got more of an advantage now."

Khan then added: "If Tyson shows too much confidence he might get caught with that shot.

"You've got to understand, Usyk is a precise puncher, he knows when to throw his shots, his timing is perfect.

"He's an Olympic gold medalist, he's a f***ing amazing fighter. You have to give him that respect.

"Tyson should stay away and box him and not get hit on that eye because like I say, I don't know if three months is long enough. It was a big gash."

Khan also thinks Fury will have 'weak skin' around the eye, something the 37-year-old is concerned about.

"I just think he'll just have to body spar, which I think will work against him," he admitted.

"So let's just hope that Tyson is at 100 per cent, it's not long after that cut they've only given him three months.

"In three months, it usually takes a month and a half to kind of heal but it's still going to be weak, it's still going to be weak skin."

Fury will need to be at his best to Usyk - especially after his poor showing against Francis Ngannou in October.

He was knocked to the canvas during that bout, though did eventually get up to win via split decision.


Tyson Fury eye injury

Tyson Fury recently sustained a cut to his eye that has delayed his bout with Oleksandr Usyk


Fury has taken to social media to show off numerous images of himself looking in the shape of his life.

And his father, John, was delighted to see the change of physique from his son as the fight creeps closer.

"He looks well, doesn't he?" he told Free Bets over the weekend.

"I was very sick about the cut because when I saw the shape he was in, he must have dedicated himself and that pleases me immensely.

"I've always said 70 per cent of Tyson is too much for Usyk, but we look like we're getting more than 70 per cent there.

Tyson Fury Oleksandr Usyk

Tyson Fury will fancy his chances of beating Oleksandr Usyk when the pair meet on May 18


"He looks the best shape he's been in, since he won the title.

"I was impressed, they've done the work, so good luck to them, he looked in good shape for the time he had to as well, which was short notice. Incredible."

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