Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou fight 'might not happen' with stunning twist talked up

Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou fight 'might not happen' with stunning twist talked up

WATCH NOW: Sports round-up as Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou fight 'might not happen'

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 31/01/2024

- 15:22

EXCLUSIVE: The 59-year-old has opened up ahead of the bout on March 8

John Fury has sensationally claimed Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou's fight on March 8 could be called off.

AJ has opted to go up against the 37-year-old former MMA star as he looks to continue his sensational form, having beaten the likes of Otto Wallin, Robert Helenius and Jermaine Franklin Jnr over the past year.

Joshua is going up against Ngannou just six months after the French-Cameroonian pushed Fury all the way.

Yet John thinks there's a possibility the fight will be called off, though does think it'll be a 'great spectacle' if it does go ahead.

Anthony Joshua Francis Ngannou

Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou are currently on course to meet on March 8


When asked about Fury and Joshua potentially fighting one day, he exclusively told GB News, via Free Boxing Bets: "Well I think he's gotta' get past Francis Ngannou, if that fight takes place because I'm not sure it will.

"Because it's a mad move. I know he's getting well paid for it but there's a bigger payday down the road with him and Tyson.

"When Tyson beats Usyk in a minute, that will have been the biggest fight of the century.

"But Ngannou is capable of knocking any heavyweight out in the world today, he's shown against Tyson that he's a danger for anybody.

"He surprised me about how well he could fight. He's a tough guy, he's a monster, he's only got to connect and he'll be right in AJ's face.

"And he brings a whole new level of boxing to AJ's game, Ngannou."

John also believes Eddie Hearn and Joshua have only opted for Ngannou because of his strong performance against Fury.

"They're just looking at the last fight between him and Tyson," he added.

"But Tyson can look good when he's bad, you know.

"Tyson's a unique, high level heavyweight that can perform when he's not feeling on his A game.

"I think any heavyweight in the world today, if you're not on your A game, Ngannou will chin you.

"That goes for all of them. He proved that with Tyson, only Tyson can hit the floor and get up, because he just keeps getting up.

"He's been struck by the hardest punches in the world and keeps getting to his feet and winning.

"That's a remarkable thing. I'm not just saying it because he's my own son, but people hit the floor and stay down.

"AJ, when he's hit properly, doesn't recover so well does he. And believe me, Ngannou will hit them.


John Fury

John Fury has mooted a potential delay to Anthony Joshua's fight with Francis Ngannou


"I don't know what path they're going [down], that's none of my business. If they do fight, it'll be a great spectacle. Let's see."

Ngannou, meanwhile, has vowed to 'take Joshua's soul' as the 37-year-old looks to continue his impressive start to his boxing career.

He said on the High Performance podcast: "Never say never. Nothing is impossible.

"We don't know the strength of Anthony Joshua.

"Even though I don't believe he has that strength, we're going to find out. In two months, we're going to find out. I'm going to be the one taking his soul."

Tyson Fury

Francis Ngannou impressed John Fury with his performance against Tyson Fury


He continued: "The only person that will help you and change your life is you. It's not somebody who helped me or anybody that help me that make me who I am.

"Because, if you are a stupid person, they can help you as much as they want. You won't do anything. Your life depends on you.

"I made it in Europe inside a zodiac. The small inflatable zodiac. It was nine of us. [I did it for] The dream.

"I'd rather have a life without dream instead of having a dream without life.

"You seen all those people that have been rescued or died in the ocean every day.

"They know all the stories, they know all the worst thing that is happening there, that you have no idea. But they have no choice."

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