Boxing news: Logan Paul brings Dillon Danis' late father into feud as tensions rise

Boxing news Logan Paul

Logan Paul has stooped low ahead of his boxing fight with Dillon Danis

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 13/09/2023

- 08:25

The two men are scheduled to fight on October 14

Logan Paul dragged Dillon Danis' late father into their feud at a heated press conference on Tuesday night.

The two men will go head to head on October 14, with both men exchanging barbs ahead of that contest.

Danis has attracted criticism online for regularly mocking Paul and his fiancee, Nina Agdal.

He has posted various clips and images of the model with other celebrities, regularly targeting Agdal on social media.

She has since been granted a temporary restraining order from Danis as a result.

And Paul has now hit back at the pre-fight press conference, bringing up the death of his opponent's father as tensions continue to rise.

"Your life is going down hill ever since you got kicked out of Marcelo's gym," he said.

"You turned to alcohol try to drown everything out, your dad passed away, you lost friends."

Paul also said Twitter was 'like a group therapy session' for Danis, too.

"I empathise with you Dillon because I understand Twitter for you is like a group therapy session," continued the YouTuber.

"You're getting a sense of validation.

"If that feels the empty voids in your heart, I empathise with you."

Danis took issue with Paul's comments abut his father, who passed away last year.

"Talk about that see what happens, you say you're not a scumbag and talk about my dad passing," said the 30-year-old.

Paul also threatened Danis, insisting he'd be unrecognisable after their fight.

"I will rip you limb for limb," threatened the 28-year-old, who has lost his only boxing fight so far.

"You will not be able to breathe. I will rearrange your entire body."

Danis, however, believes he would 'kill' Paul in MMA and questioned why they're having to box each other instead of fighting in a cage.

"So why are we doing a boxing fight? It's not even a real match," he said.

"It's like half a fight. I would kill you bro (in MMA)."

Paul, though, didn't seem to care and retorted by saying: "The four time world champ was old Dillon. You've changed."

The two men also shook on terms to an MMA fight, once their boxing bout next month is out of the way.

And they even made a bet - with Paul happy for Danis to be the best man at his wedding to Agdal.

“It said if I win I have to be the best man at your wedding,” Danis explained.


Dillon Danis boxing Logan Paul

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul have been exchanging verbal blows ahead of their upcoming fight


Paul replied by saying: "Okay, okay. And if I win, I get your entire purse."

Danis seemed on board with this, saying 'sure'.

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