‘Royal Family is the WORST thing about Britain’: US comedian sparks HUGE TV row ‘those people keep rest of us down’

‘Royal Family is the WORST thing about Britain’: US comedian sparks HUGE TV row ‘those people keep rest of us down’

Lewis Schaffer sparked a row on the Royal Family on GB News show Headliners

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 26/10/2023

- 10:48

Updated: 26/10/2023

- 15:43

Steve Coogan said supporters of the Royal Family are 'flag-waving idiots'

Comedian and GB News star Lewis Schaffer caused a clash on Headliners, after claiming the Royal Family is the "worst thing" about the UK.

The Headliners panellist was reacting to comments made by British actor Steve Coogan, where he claimed the royals have "got their foot on the throat" of the British working class.

Appearing on comedic food podcast 'Off Menu', Coogan admitted the late Queen "worked very hard", but declared he is "an anti-monarchist".

Coogan said: "It’s just because most of the people that are into it all, those flag-waving plastic boats of people, I think are kind of idiots because they support a power structure that keeps the foot on the throat of working class people, and I’m just not very keen on that kind of thing."

Lewis Schaffer appears on GB News

GB News

Coogan added: "The Queen worked very hard. So she was alright. But the rest of them are problematic for me.

"At least King Charles, if he, as the head of a power structure, even unwittingly and subconsciously, has his foot collectively on the throats of working class people by being party to a power structure that rewards- blah blah blah. You can fill in the rest yourself."

Reacting to the comments made by the actor, Headliners panellists Leo Kearse, Paul Cox and Lewis Schaffer shared their views.

Leo asked Lewis if Coogan was "becoming an even more cringe worthy left wing version of Alan Partridge", to which Lewis disagreed.

Lewis revealed: "I'm a great big Steve Coogan fan. I like Steve Coogan. He gave me work back in 2001 in a program called Brain Candy on Baby Cow Productions. Brain Candy, Look it up.

"I did 13 episodes, I made a ton of money and my wife didn't divorce me that month."

Leo then argued: "He's tried to dress it up in the sort of verbose intellectualism. He sounds like a sixth former."

Lewis hit back: "I don't think he did because he didn't say that. He said some of kind of, maybe... listen, I think the royal family is the worst thing about this country."

Leo Kearse appears on GB News

Leo Kearse disagreed with Lewis Schaffer's comments

GB News

Leo then asked "really?", to which Lewis defended his comment: "I don't care. I'm sorry. I think it's the worst thing. But he didn't say that."

Leo then joked: "What about Prince Andrew and the wonderful entertainment on Newsnight?"

Lewis replied: "He's probably the best thing about the royal family, he's the most interesting!"

Paul Cox then weighed in on the Coogan comments, stating: "I disagree with him on this. I mean, he's trying to represent working class people, which I find difficult to to take, really. I don't think he in any way relates any longer.

"And perhaps he did in the past, but he certainly doesn't now. And the idea that getting rid of the royal family would just solve the whole working class problem is a complete misnomer. Have you seen America?

"I mean, it's like 300 million people. Of which 200 million people live on the street. It's madness. I mean I'm a royalist and that's not why I don't believe it. I don't. But I don't believe that they've got their foot on our throats."

Lewis argued back: "At the end of the day, everything has to go through those people and those people stop your children and my children from getting reaching the top.

"And the other thing, he is basically in cahoots with 'team world'. He stopped fighting for Britain. If you're going to have a royal family of Britain, have somebody who's going to fight for this island."

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