Princess Eugenie interviews Prince Louis' favourite pop band

Princess Eugenie and Prince Louis

Princess Eugenie interviews Prince Louis' favourite pop band

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 16/11/2023

- 19:38

The Pricness of York has an anti-slavery podcast

Princess Eugenie interviewed Prince Louis's favourite pop band on her podcast Floodlight.

The popular band OneRepublic previously performed at Prince William's Earthshot Prize Awards in Singapore.

The Prince of Wales met the band backstage and shared his youngest son's love of the group.

The father-of-three told OneRepublic: "I can’t thank you enough.

WATCH NOW: Princess Eugenie interviews One Republic

"You were amazing. What a way to start the show. That was incredible.

"Louis, my youngest, loves your songs."

Princess Eugenie has now interviewed the band for her anti-slavery podcast Floodlight.

Posting a video clip from the interview on her Instagram story, the princess wrote: "We're excited about this one featuring One Republic, the iconic American pop-rock band.

Zach Filkins

Zach Filkins [left] appeared on Eugenie's podcast


"Discover their impactful work in the non-profit sector and how their collective voice plays a vital role in our fight against modern slavery, inspiring more people to join the cause.

"Listen to episode four of Floodlight with One Republic's Zach."

Princess Eugenie, 33, launched her podcast in April 2022.

On the podcast, the royal and her good friend Julia de Boinville promote their charity The Anti-Slavery Collective.


OneRepublic is Prince Louis' favourite band


The duo co-launched the charity in 2017, which attempts to find solutions to tackling modern-day slavery.

Eugenie bonded with Zach Filkins from One Republic over her love for his music.

In the episode, she said: "In researching all that you guys have done over your careers and, and looking into everything, I mean, obviously, a couple of songs really stick out for me.

"But one of the ones that defines Jules and I leaving university was Apologise with Timbaland."

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