Princess Charlotte ‘will be the spare’ like her uncle Prince Harry but have ‘high-profile role’

Princess Charlotte ‘will be the spare’ like her uncle Prince Harry but have ‘high-profile role’

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 14/04/2024

- 13:05

The ‘spare’ is a term used by royal families to describe the backup to the heir

  • Royal commentators have spoken exclusively to GB News about Charlotte’s future royal role
  • Princess Charlotte is fourth in line to the throne after her father William and Prince George
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Princess Charlotte “will be the spare” like her uncle Prince Harry but she will have a "high-profile role," a royal commentator has claimed.

Prince William and Kate’s children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are the heir and 'spare' to the throne, respectively.

The nickname ‘spare’ used to describe a backup to the heir was used by Prince Harry for the title of his memoir.

Marlene Koenig exclusively told GB News: “Charlotte will be the Spare until George marries and has children.

Princess Charlotte and Prince Harry

Princess Charlotte is the 'spare' to the throne like her uncle Prince Harry was


“The Royal family will be smaller than it is now so one assumes that Charlotte will be a senior royal supporting the King.”

Prince Harry described his role as the 'spare' in his memoir as “the support” and the “Plan B” if anything were to happen to his older brother.

However, royal commentator Gertrude Daly also spoke exclusively to GB News about the “visible and high-profile role" Charlotte will have and how it compares to Princess Anne’s position in the family.

Daly said: “Princess Charlotte is expected to become a working royal. People naturally compare Princess Charlotte and Princess Anne because they are both women and the younger sibling of the heir.

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte is fourth in line to the throne


“But, there is a big difference in their official roles. Princess Anne is behind Prince Andrew and Prince Edward in succession and precedence.

“Whereas Princess Charlotte is the Spare and is not pushed down by a younger brother.”

Prince George, 10, is next in line to the throne after his father, followed by Harry’s niece, Princess Charlotte, 8.

Daly continued: “I would probably equate Princess Charlotte's future role to Prince Edward's or Prince Andrew's before the scandals.

The Duke of Sussex

Prince Harry named his memoir Spare after the nickname


“I think Princess Charlotte will probably have a bit more visible, high profile role than Princess Anne.

“Prince Edward is often the go to for attending foreign Royal events, especially the big ones in Europe.

“And I could see Princess Charlotte becoming the British Royal Family's representative for foreign royal weddings and other events.”

There is a longstanding difficulty for younger siblings taking on the role of the 'spare,' where the younger sibling is thrown into a world of privilege and spotlight but without a clear role or sense of purpose.

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