Prince William set to visit region in England close to his heart in new royal engagement

Prince William set to visit region in England close to his heart in new royal engagement

Watch: Prince William and Prince George at an Aston Villa game

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 23/04/2024

- 18:33

The Prince of Wales will continue his royal duties in the West Midlands on Thursday

  • Prince William will see a range of projects that support positive mental health
  • The region is home to Aston Villa, a Birmingham-based football team, that William supports
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Prince William is set to visit a region in England close to his heart in a new royal engagement.

The Prince of Wales took a break from his duties following Princess Kate’s cancer announcement but is now getting back to work.

On Thursday, the prince will visit the West Midlands to learn about initiatives across the region that are supporting people’s mental health and well-being.

The prince will see a range of projects that support positive mental health whilst visiting the area which holds a special meaning for William.

Prince William

Prince William will visit the West Midlands on Thursday


The West Midlands is home to William’s favourite football team, Aston Villa, and he often visits the area to support his team.

During his visit on Thursday, the prince will view projects that support young people through education and development and which give a second chance to people battling homelessness and addiction.

Earlier this month, William visited Birmingham with his son Prince George to watch an Aston Villa match.

Prince William and George were seen smiling and applauding in the Villa Park stands after Aston Villa scored a goal.

Prince William

Prince William took a break from public duties following the announcement but has now returned to duties


Prince George wore an adorable claret and blue Villa scarf to the match in support of his team.

Speaking about the love of the team in a past interview, William said: "A long time ago at school I got into football big time.

"All my friends were Chelsea or Manchester United fans and I didn't really want to follow the run-of-the-mill team.

"I wanted to have a team that was more mid-table that could give me more emotional rollercoaster moments. Aston Villa has always had a great history."

Prince William and Prince GeorgePrince William and Prince George are both Aston Villa fansPA

Last week, the prince made his first official return to public duties since Kate’s cancer announcement by visiting the surplus food distribution charity Surplus to Supper in Surrey.

During the engagement, William was given two get-well-soon cards addressed to King Charles and Princess Kate by volunteer Rachel Candappa.

The Prince of Wales said: "Thank you, you are very kind" and added when Rachel told him to look after the Princess of Wales: "I will".

Speaking afterwards the volunteer said: "I said take care of her [Kate] and he said 'I will'."

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