Prince Harry blasted as Duke snubs King for NFL awards: 'He's a lost cause!'

Prince Harry blasted as Duke snubs King for NFL awards: 'He's a lost cause!'

WATCH NOW: Charles Rae says Prince Harry is a 'lost cause'

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 10/02/2024

- 12:34

Prince Harry presented an award at the NFL Honors just 24 hours after landing back in LA

Prince Harry has been criticised after presenting an award in Las Vegas, just days after King Charles was diagnosed with cancer.

The Duke of Sussex visited the UK on Tuesday in a whirlwind 11,000-mile round trip to visit his father, following the announcement.

The Prince met with the King in a reunion which lasted "a maximum of 45 minutes", according to royal insiders.

As the King and Queen travelled to Sandringham, Prince Harry flew back to his California home the same evening as he prepared to present an award in Las Vegas.

Prince Harry and Charles Rae

Prince Harry failed to mention his father as he presented an award at the 13th Annual NFL Honours

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The Duke of Sussex presented the NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year award at the 13th Annual NFL Honours in the Nevada city.

Harry failed to mention the King and his cancer diagnosis as he cracked jokes about American football.

He joked: "You stole rugby from us and you made it your own... instead of passing it backwards, just pass it forwards. Why not wear pads and a helmet?

"Of course, have an offence and defence, that makes sense, and why not have a breather every 15 seconds? And you know what? Instead of a 10-month season, let's just make it 18 weeks. Genius.

"All kidding aside, what you guys do on and off the field is truly remarkable. You are role models for millions in the way you carry yourselves and the way you give back."

Reacting to the Duke's glitzy appearance, royal commentator Charles Rae said it was "quite amazing" how Prince Harry had a quick turnaround from visiting the UK to cheerfully presenting an award.

​Rae fumed as he told GB News: "We're now in a situation where this is Harry Windsor - Bar Mitzvahs and children's parties, a speciality. He's no longer a royal.

"The Americans love him because he is a member of the Royal Family. But as far as we're concerned, he's now past it."

Rae added: "I've got no criticism with him coming over here. I think he has done exactly what any other member of a family would do with someone who's had a cancer diagnosis, I commend him for that.

"But for half an hour, it seems a bit strange.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry was all smiles at the Las Vegas awards show


Criticising his appearance at the NFL awards ceremony, Rae stated that Harry "must have" had people giving him well-wishes for King Charles and Princess Kate, as they recover from their health concerns.

Rae stated: "He didn't mention it. Instead, he made jokes about rugby and American football. I'm afraid Harry is now a lost cause.

"I think we are now going down to the Z-list celebrity scenario. Also Harry turning up in Jamaica and having a chat with the Prime Minister, who clearly embarrassed his brother when they visited there, I don't think it was a great idea."

Rae continued: "There was an ulterior motive for Harry. They were with Paramount executives, so there's obviously something else going on there that they want to develop."

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