Prince Harry could drop legal case over fears of '£10m bill'

Prince Harry could drop legal case over fears of '£10m bill'

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 18/04/2024

- 11:34

The Duke of Sussex and over 40 others are suing News Group Newspapers

  • Prince Harry’s lawyer said that the duke faces an “impossible” cost to continue the case
  • The duke is suing the publisher for unlawful information gathering and invasion of privacy
  • Hugh Grant settled his case with News Group Newspapers after facing enormous costs

Prince Harry could drop his legal case against The Sun over fears of a £10million bill.

David Sherborne, Harry’s lawyer, said that his client faces an “impossible” cost by continuing the case, even if the duke wins.

Prince Harry and more than 40 others sued News Group Newspapers (NGN) over alleged unlawful information gathering and invasion of privacy.

Sherborne said that Harry faces the same problem as fellow claimant Hugh Grant who had to settle with NGN for an “enormous sun” a he could not risk a £10m legal bill.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry may be forced to drop his legal case due to "impossible" costs


In 2021, actress Sienna Miller had to settle her case against the publisher because of millions of pounds worth of legal fees if she won or lost the case.

Sherborne told the High Court on Wednesday: “The Duke of Sussex is subject to the same issues that Sienna Miller and Hugh Grant have been subject to, which is that offers are made (which) make it impossible for them to go ahead.”

British actor, Hugh Grant, said that he was targeted by journalists and private investigators including the “breaking and entering of private property to obtain private information through bugging, landline tapping and phone hacking.”

Grant said that he did not want to settle against the publisher but “the rules around civil litigation mean that if I proceed to trial, and the court awards me damages that are even a penny less than the settlement offer, I would have to pay the legal costs of both sides.”

Prince HarryPrince Harry has fought multiple cases through the British courtsPA

NGN has rejected all allegations of any wrongdoing by staff at The Sun.

In March, the Duke of Sussex asked the judge if he could extend his claim by including allegations from 1994 until 2016, rather than the current 1996 until 2011.

Barrister Anthony Hudson KC said in a written outline of NGN’s defence that Harry was using a “scattergun approach.”

NGN has also applied for a separate trial to take place ahead of the full trial to decide if the claims were brought in too late by Harry.

Prince Harry

Harry also launched legal action against the Home Office following a 2020 decision by Ravec over his security in the UK


It comes as Prince Harry was refused permission to appeal a court ruling in a separate case the duke is fighting against the Home Office about his police protection in the UK.

Harry, 39, was fighting a 2020 decision by the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures (Ravec) that he should degree a different degree of protection when in the UK.

The duke tried to appeal the court’s decision but earlier this week Harry’s bid to bring an appeal was refused.

However, the Duke of Sussex has outlined his intention to fight on through the Court of Appeal.

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